Lithuanian capital Vilnius is home for people of different nationalities and religions


Feel the unique spirit of Vilnius

Walking the narrow streets of Vilnius old town you will feel the magic of the city as if you were travelling in time.

Since its founding days Vilnius has been the home for people of different nationalities and religions. The diversity of its citizens is marked by street names: Vokiečių (Eng. German), Žydų (Eng. Jewish), Totorių (Eng. Tartar), Rusų (Eng. Russian), as well as numerous temples of nine different religions.

Vilnius old town is one of the largest and most beautiful old towns in the Middle and the Eastern Europe; the Lithuanian capital is on the list of twenty most beautiful cities of the world one must visit.

While strolling the narrow streets of Vilnius old town you will feel like travelling back in time: you will pass the Gedimino castle on the top of the hill and the reconstructed Cathedral at its foot with the ancient rulers resting in its catacombs. In the Cathedral Square you will find the monument for Gediminas, who is considered to be the establisher of Vilnius.

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