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Lithuania will host innovation experts and creators from around the globe


The World Economic Forum, Google, LinkedIn, CERN and Mars One amongst the presenters

500 entrepreneurs, representatives of international organisations and businesses will gather in Vilnius on 3–4 September to share their knowledge in the second Vilnius innovation forum ‘The Innovation Drift’. During the two-day event more than 40 presenters will discuss the future of business and technology. Special sessions will focus on future business and startups, intellectual property, drones, cosmic space research, bio economics, arts and other creative industries

Presentations will be delivered by the representatives from the internationally recognised businesses and scientific organisations. Amongst them – the first LinkedIn employee outside the United States and the former European Managing Director Kevin Eyres, Head of Marketing for the Baltic States at Google Regimantas Urbanas, Director of Information and Communication Technology Projects in the public sector at The World Economic Forum (WEF) Danil Kerimi, Director for Research at CERN Dr. Sergio Bertolucci, Co-Founder and CEO of Mars One Bas Lansdorp and many others.

Evaldas Gustas

Evaldas Gustas

‘The main focus of “The Innovation Drift” is the vision of the future. In order to be the leaders and ensure constant economic growth, we must concentrate on the future technologies. This will spur the growth of science, industry and services sector and will accelerate the introduction of many different products to the national and foreign markets,’ Evaldas Gustas, the Minister of the Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, said.

Significant attention will be dedicated to the start-ups community. Experts and investors from Lithuania and other countries will share their knowledge and experience on innovation creation for start-ups. Amongst them – Per Moller, founder of the investment fund Blue Lime Labs, Ilja Laurs, chairman at Nextury Ventures and others.

Companies looking for the business expansion opportunities will also be invited to a separate event dedicated to the partnership between Lithuania and the Scandinavian countries. The event will provide opportunities to network with the potential partners from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The two-day event will take place in the conference center Litexpo in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Attendance to all of ‘The Innovation Drift’ events is free of charge.

More information about the event and its programme is available on the official website

The Vilnius Innovation Forum is organised by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA). The Vilnius Innovation Forum 2015 is funded from the European Regional Development Fund.


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