The Baltic Review  is looking for volunteers: English language proofreaders, editors, translators, writers, IT/website developers, HR and PR specialists. The positions could be interesting for a person who is keen in taking part in the development of a vibrant internet news portal and for those who are interested in Baltic current events and are keen on keeping her/his thumb on Baltics news, politics, international relations, economics and debate.

The Baltic Review is a non-commercial portal and is the only free news portal reporting from the Baltics in English on a daily basis.

The portal is aimed at voicing Baltics’s opinions on various domestic and international issues. Its reporting is based on integrity and independence, reflecting Baltic’s current affairs through the lens of the mainstream Baltics media, various state and independent institutions, academia and the political establishment. We aim to provide our readers with quality content and a wide range of information, mixed with local views. The portal is run on a volunteer basis and is located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and Moscow, the capital of Russia.

Your geographical location is not of crucial importance to us since The Baltic Review volunteers work from various locations. We are looking for those who are ready to share their skills and knowledge and get involved in the development of the new portal and are interested in joining a community of volunteers who are keen to get acquainted with Baltics. We are extremely flexible; you could volunteer for the portal constantly or work with us on an ad hoc basis.

We are looking for:

English language editors/proofreaders – Texts vary from 100 to 1000 words. We would like you to be a native English speaker or extremely knowledgeable in English. Any experience in the field is appreciated.

Writers – experienced in writing for media and academia, sufficient English, good knowledge of Baltic current and economic affairs, capability of writing news or analytical articles. If needed, basic background information on a subject will be provided in English. The volunteers could choose topics on their own initiative or be given a topic by the editor.

PR specialists – personnel who would be willing to promote the portal in the Baltics and internationally and raising its profile in the Baltics and abroad. A volunteer who is very comfortable with various social media channels, open for new ideas and has creative thinking.

Human Resources Specialists – Manage the ever-increasing number of volunteers working on the portal and pursue a constant search for new volunteers.

IT/Website development specialists – While working with the portal, we come across various problems that we would like to seek some advice in solving. We also have many ideas on the portal’s further development and plans for further expansion where we could use your help. We would like you to have knowledge of website development mostly.


THE BALTIC REVIEW is looking for new authors.

The diversity of their articles and the different views of their authors makes THE BALTIC REVIEW unique.

For preserving this uniqueness we are constantly looking for new authors and contributors who want to share their opinions and experiences about subjects like “Germans and foreigners in the Baltic countries” or “Germans and Balts in the world”.

If you are curious about be a part of THE BALTIC REVIEW  then contact us

Kirill Filimonov
Managing editor

Please contact me at  [email protected]  if you have any questions regarding the portal and the position.