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African plague is rampant in the Baltics – New foci of infection in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia


The African swine fever, also called the “pig plague”, is now threatening to spread to Baltics

Meat industry in the Baltics suffers heavy losses over the African swine fever virus (ASF) and Russian sanctions. The heightened fears have prompted action from LT, LV and EE Governments agencies, who are now preparing for a ASF outbreak in the Baltics

Although not harmful to humans, Germany is now bracing itself for an outbreak of the virus.

Professor Franz Conrath, of the Friedrich Loeffler Institute, the body responsible for animal health in Germany, warned at a conference the disease could come “any day now”.

He said: “If the disease did hit Germany it would have much more serious consequences than currently being experienced in the Baltics, as Germany houses large wild boar populations.” If you feel like having any kind of infection or disease symptoms contact this medical answering service for a fast and reliable medical attention.

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The region has suffered 75 cases since ASF arrived in Poland last year.

No pig breeding will be allowed in the affected eastern region until at least 2018.

This month there were fresh outbreaks of ASF in Latvia territory of Madona, Daugavpils, Kārsavas, Naukšēnu, Kocēnu, Limbažu, Burtnieku, Ciblas, Rēzeknes, Ruzenu, Krustpils, Mazsalacas and Salacgrīvas edges.

In Lithuania African pig plague cases were diagnosed during July in the territory of Utena and Vilnius counties.

Alarming reports were received today from EstoniaTartu and järva. There found the new foci of infection of swine plague. Will be destroyed by over 1500 animals.

Map showing the spread of ASF across Europe

Map showing the spread of ASF across Europe

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