Estonia produces quality vodka – Interesting facts about Estonia


Unless you have been to Estonia or have a connection with the country, few people would be aware of its hauntingly beautiful landscapes and the richness of its unique culture

Here are some interesting facts about Estonia

Estonia has two Independence Days – Estonia first achieved independence from the Soviet Union on the 24th February 1918 and again on the 20th August 1991 after 51 years of occupation. The second date is known as the ‘Restoration of Independence Day’

The Estonian language belongs to the Finno-Ugric group and is most similar to Finnish

Estonia was the first country in the world to introduce online political voting

Former president Lennart Meri was a filmmaker before he took office and Tallinn Airport is named in his honour

Estonia is almost 50% forest

The population of Estonia is a mere 1.3 million with a further ½ million citizens residing throughout the world in countries such as Canada, Australia and the USA

In 1994 Estonia became the first country in the world to introduce a flat income tax

Estonia won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001 with the song Everybody

There are over 1500 Islands, 1000 lakes and 7000 rivers in Estonia

Chess Grandmaster Paul Keres was born in Estonia. When he died in 1975 over 100,000 people attended his funeral, that’s around 10% of the entire population of Estonia!

Estonia is the world’s least religious country. Only 14% of the population profess any religious beliefs

International model Carmen Kass is Estonian. She is the face of Christian Dior’s J’adore perfume

Skype was invented in Estonia

The national flag of Estonia is tricolour featuring three equal horizontal bands of blue, black and white. Blue represents the sky, black – soil and white – freedom.

Estonia produces quality vodka with Viru Valge and Saaremaa vodka being the most popular brands


by Tatiana Lestal

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