EU: The inhabitants of Vilnius are the most satisfied to live in their city

The Cathedral Square in Vilnius is the main square of the Vilnius Old Town, right in front of the neo-classical Vilnius Cathedral. It is a key location in city's public life, situated as it is at the crossing of the city's main streets and reflecting the city's diversity. Regularly held at this site are fairs and gatherings of townspeople, military parades, religious and official public events, attractions and large concerts, New Year’s salutes and exhibitions. It is not merely the most lively and important location in the city, but is also one of the most significant and widely known symbols of Lithuania.

Vilnius ranks the best European city to live in

The inhabitants of Vilnius are the most satisfied to live in their city of all 28 European Union capital cities, according to the latest Eurostat study.

According to the study conducted by the European Statistics Agency, 98% of the population in Vilnius was satisfied with the standard of living in their city. Compared with 2012, Vilnius went up 5 positions.

Stockholm and Copenhagen appear soon after, with a 97% satisfaction rating, as well as the Austrian capital of Vienna and Luxembourg (96% each).

The survey on the Perception of Quality of Life in European Cities was conducted in a total of 83 European cities.

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