Latvia: Municipality of Riga will start hunting the boars and foxes in the city center


The Hunting Coordination Commission of the Riga Municipality has decided that the porcine trespassers that sent waves of shock throughout the capital will be caught and deported to a forest owned by the municipality a few dozen kilometers outside Riga. The municipality has informed that they will start hunting the boars by the end of the next week

Wild boars entering Riga from the surrounding woods have become a rather pressing problem during the last few months. It culminated in a wild boar chase in which the police employed tasers against wild boars frolicking in the Riga downtown.

The municipality will ask for permission from the State Forest Service for catching and moving the animals, and will conclude an agreement with a hunting society that will remove the wild boar threat from the capital.

The boars are to be marked and registered so that their movement can be tracked. They will be caught using traps and particularly with corn as a lure – wild boars are said to be quite fond of it. If you are interested don participating, we suggest to start getting all the hunting accessories ready. You can start by looking at these weather proof hunting backpack sales.

Using tranquilizers is out of the question as the boars’ hides are too thick in the summer.

Foxes that have taken a liking to cat meat are next on the agenda.

The wild boar has been pronounced the animal of the year in 2015, both in Latvia and Estonia.

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