World Tour with Only Using Renewable Energy

Boat Powered By 100% Clean Energy Set For A 6 Year Journey Across The Globe
Boat Powered By 100% Clean Energy Set For A 6 Year Journey Across The Globe

A multi-body race boat The Energy Observer is preparing to go on a world tour only with solar and hydrogen fuel system without the need for any other fuels.

The boat, which does not emit carbon monoxide in any way, has been prepared by a team of 50 engineers, architects and seafarers in Britanny, north west of France.

The boat which will depart from France’s San-Melo commune will travel around the world in 6 years by organizing events to visit 101 spots in 50 countries and to introduce the technology of the boat.

Energy Observer is running electric motors with energy provided by solar and wind panels. This energy will also be used for electrolysis, which produces hydrogen from sea water. The hydrogen produced will be stored in the hydrogen battery system to be used in the absence of sun and wind. The race boat was designed by Mike Birch, who won many awards in 1983 for offshore racing but the Energy observer project was brought out by two amateur shipmasters Frederic Dahirel and Victorien Erussard in 2015. The design phase of the boat lasted three years. The size remained the same, but the weight doubled to 20 tons.

The Energy Observer has been inspired by the “Solar Impulse” flying around the world with solar panels over the past year. At that time, Erussard said that his projects were also a utopia on paper, but now they have created something promising for the future.

Team leader Jerome Delafosse says they want to show everyone what can be done to reduce global warming. Jerome Delafosse: “Everyone will be able to see this ship online and watch this journey through social media live. People will be able to follow the Energy Observer almost daily. ”

Experts say the boat is one of the best technologies to be an example of renewable energy transformation. Energy Observer is one of the greatest vehicle to show that all energy solutions are available in the nature for the future. Private companies are leading the way to the future with new innovations in renewable energy. Companies like Trieagle are expanding the technology every single day and are paving the future for the rest of us. Check out the TriEagle Energy reviews here to check out what theyve been doing!

The project which costs 4 million Euros is also a mobile laboratory. The sensors on the Energy Observer will be very important to gather data on how renewable energy systems work. Technologies which is on the boat especially hydrogen batteries are planned to be used in homes. These systems, which will produce hydrogen during the summer months, can detect the energy to be used for winter months. These batteries store 20 times more energy than normal batteries.

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