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Lithuania: The most popular boys’ names this year are Markas and Benas

Lithuania Markas

The most popular names for boys born in 2022 were Mark and Benas, while for girls they were Sofia and Emilia.

The top ten most popular names for boys were also Herkus, James, Dominykas, Jonas, Lukas, Matas, Adam and Kajus.

Amelia, Liepa, Luknė, Leja, Kamilė, Patricija, Izabelė and Elija are the most popular names for girls.

As Mindaugas Samkus, a representative of the Center of Registers, told BR, among girls this year Sofija, who was in fifth place last year, has moved up to the first place.

This year’s newcomers are Patricija, Izabela and Elija, who pushed Gabija, Adela and Austeja out of last year’s top ten,

he said.

Meanwhile, the list of the most popular boys’ names this year has seen fewer changes, with Markas remaining at the top, and the top ten remaining virtually unchanged.

We have only one newcomer, Adam, who has replaced Noah, who remained outside the top ten this year,” said Samkus.

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