Europe: Rise of Wind Energy Against Coal

Wind Energy Against Coal

Many people are more familiar with photovoltaic solar panels, but one of the most important players in large-scale renewable energy production is wind energy.

For the first time in Europe, wind energy power has exceeded the total energy production of coal-fired power plants. As a result of this increase, we can easily say that the power of wind energy to be installed on both land and sea will greatly increase by the next 10 years.

According to statistics published by WindEurope, the production capacity of new wind turbines installed in 26 EU countries in 2016 has increased to 12.5 gigawatts. A little more than 10% of these turbines are built at sea. Wind projects were expected to decline compared to 2015, but Germany gave new incentives at the beginning of 2016, allowing more projects to be built and establishments to be completed faster.

The total wind energy installed in Europe is up to 154 gigawatts. Due to the new installations plants added in 2016, for the first time, has begun to be obtained more than the coal-derived energy. From coal, we get about 152 gigawatts of energy. These increases have made it possible for some old coal-fired power plants to be shut down. At present, wind turbines and solar panels are available and the renewable energy box can cover up to 20%.

The amount invested in wind turbines in Europe over the past year has exceeded 30 billion dollars. Germany alone made 44% of this investment. According to experts, the rate of wind turbines to be installed in the coming years will be much higher. Britain decided not to give financial incentives for wind turbines even though will continue to give incentives until 2020 for turbines to be built in the seas.

While European countries have increased their investment in renewable energy last year, France is currently covering almost half of its energy needs from nuclear power plants and because of the low carbon emissions of nuclear energy they think that kind of energy use will also increase in future.

Berkay Alp
The Baltic Review guest author

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