Lithuanian Youth: What can you find in the backpacks of Lithuanian guys?


That’s all or almost everything you can find in your pockets or backpacks, almost every young guy from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius

We should pay attention to the fact that every year young Lithuanian guys become more and more tidier

They’ve started to spend more time on their looks.

Therefore, among other things that they carry with them, you can certainly see and hygiene items: deodorants, perfume, moisturizing napkins and lip glossy lipstick, breath freshener.

But condoms are hardly ever found among these things.

They do not like to be protected during sex. Unfortunately.

By the way, but Lithuanian girls are not as feminine as it was fifteen years ago.

Modern Lithuanian girls consume alcohol inordinately, without interruption, and smoke day and night. Some of them are also engaged in adult sites and can have pleasure with different people. The most popular site available is telefonsex cam, where you can find these girls.

Many of them emit an unpleasant smell of sweat, nicotine and alcoholic beverages.

In the next film, we will see what Lithuanian young girls carry with them in their purses.

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