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The Trifecta of the Baltics: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Baltic girls in national headdresses and patterns Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Representing three states on the East Coast of the Baltic Sea, the Baltic comprises Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.

The trio gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 and became known as the Baltic States. Together, they form a population of less than six million.

Though distinct in culture and traditions, the Baltics are united in a political alliance and intergovernmental cooperation. There is also collaboration in defense, foreign and security policy, and transportation.

Beyond their political history, the Baltics offer incredible experiences for tourists. The Baltics holds an extraordinary wealth of medieval heritage, such as the UNESCO listed Old Town of Vilnius. Visiting the trio Estonia and Latvia, alongside Lithuania, is a perfect excuse to expand your knowledge of the history of the Baltic States.

Here are a few reasons to explore the Baltics

Less than Two-week Travel Itinerary

Trakai Island Castle, Lithuania

You can tour the three Baltic States in a little over a week, focusing on the capital cities of Riga, Vilnius, and Tallinn. And if you have up to two weeks, you’ll be able to explore the Baltics more thoroughly and discover hidden gems.

The itinerary for Baltic states depends on your interests. Still, each capital requires at least two days to enjoy it to the fullest. To have a taste of the rest of the country, you’ll probably need more than two days each to escape the capital and get into the countryside and other cities and historical sites. A two-week itinerary is enough to explore all three countries.

You can either book tour guides or venture out on your own using bus-train services or a car if available.

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Explore the Countries all on the Same Tour

The Old Town Riga
The Old Town Riga, Latvia

From breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, and friendly cities, the Baltics are worth a visit – despite being lesser-known compared to other tourists destinations in Europe.

The best part is the proximity of the three countries and the opportunity to travel across the trio.

While staying in one place is relaxing, there’s nothing like comparing countries and crossing borders to make the most of your time away. Exploring the scenic routes with miles of sandy coastline is worth the extra effort before sightseeing in the three capitals – Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius.

This is in addition to the churches and castles dotted across ancient woodlands. Get to visit old towns designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. This includes the beautiful Gauja River valleys and the National Park Lahemaa, known as the last unspoiled region of the Baltic coast, Otepää Lakeland – the so-called “Estonian Switzerland”. Exploring all three Baltic countries can be a travel experience of a lifetime.

Cycling in the Baltics

Cycling tours in the Baltic Countries

Cycling tours in the Baltic Countries

Thanks to the proximity of the three Baltic States, travelers often explore them on a single bike trip as an adventure of a lifetime.

There are many routes to take if you opt to take the bicycle route. For instance, you can ride from Tallinn, Estonia in the north, through Latvia, and on to Lithuania in the south. On the way, you get to enjoy a great variety of villages, towns, and landscapes, giving you a feel of the different characters of these countries. You can also consider a guided city tour of Riga and Tallinn’s capital cities, making your trip a perfect combination of cycling and cultural exploration. 

With a guided tour, professional guides will support you if you get tired or need assistance. Most tour packages will typically provide tour maps with detailed route descriptions. That way, you can enjoy the trip to the fullest, whether you are a beginner enthusiast or pro cyclist. 

Year-round Tourist Destination

Leisi is a small borough in Saaremaa Parish, Saare County in western Estonia
Leisi is a small borough in Saaremaa Parish, Saare County in western Estonia

Another benefit of a Baltic travel holiday is the year-round tourists seasons.

Most people visit Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia in the summer. This may be partly due to the mild summer weather with long beautiful days in the northern part of Europe.

If you prefer to tour Baltics in Spring or Fall, note that fewer tourists will be there. However, you’ll enjoy a pleasant, chilly nip in the air. During spring, flowers and trees will be in bloom, while fall comes with golden colors and creates beauty on its own. Winter is a great time to explore the Baltics for those who aren’t afraid of below-zero temperatures or who love forests frozen white.

Each of the three countries has public events that allow tourists to plan their holidays around traditional holidays. These holidays are an opportunity to partake in culture. For instance, you can explore Christmas markets during the Christmas holiday and experience the wonder as the Christmas trees and Christmas lights turn cities into winter wonderlands.


The Baltic Countries

Most travelers discover their favorite only after visiting all three Baltic countries

Whether you like the slick, high-tech side of Estonia, swoon over Latvia’s castles, or love the cozy old towns of Vilnius, the Baltics are beautiful, and the history and people interesting. More importantly, there so close together and can be visited in a single trip, why not discover them all.


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