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Learn The Interesting Facts Of The City Riyadh

Learn The Interesting Facts Of The City Riyadh

The capital of Saudi Arabia and the largest city of the gulf nation is Riyadh. It comes from an Arabic term ‘rawdha’ that is known to be a beautiful garden.

This city is located in the center of the nation and has around 7 million population. It attracts people from different parts of the world for its advancement and career opportunities, and even for the tourist spots it has. There are around 15 municipalities in the city that completely manage different parts of the city. The most famous part of the city is Olaya district that is known for the shopping destinations, entertainment options, and the variety of food choices it has to offer. You can even find popular places here including Al Faisalyah, the Kingdom Center, and Al Tahlya street.

The City Riyadh
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There is another place here called the diplomatic quarter which has many international organizations and even foreign embassies. Also, this area has a lot of luxurious malls and residential places. You will find this area to be the most green of all the areas in the city. Also, you will be amazed looking at the architecture here. Every person living in this area abides by the rules and regulations, and is also given certain privileges.

History of the city Riyadh

The city is not at all new or recently structured. In fact, it goes back to the 17th century when this city was known to be a tiny village. However, it was an important place as it was a well connected trading route for the nearby towns and villages. It was also known as the Hajr city or the old city as it was located in the region called Yamamah. It was indeed a beautiful place with palm groves all around and lush greenery. It was later in around 1824, when the Saudi empire chose this place to be the capital. This was around the rule of Rashid’s. Later in the 1900s, the rule was of Ibn Saud who developed the area to a great extent.

Oldest university of Riyadh – King Saud University

It is one of the oldest universities of the city that commenced in the year 1957. It started as a non-profit organization to offer education to the youth of the country. It is surprising that the university offers a variety of courses including bachelors and masters degrees. Also, you can go for doctorate programs if you are eligible for them. It is a huge university with all the facilities that a student would want for their education. Also, there are international programs that can be availed by foreign students. There is a sports facility, exchange programs, library, and even distance learning courses that can be taken.

The largest desalination company in Riyadh

The SWCC or the Saline Water Conversion Corporation is known to be the largest company that reduces the energy consumption in the water desalination area. The company has been achieving milestones for years by making use of advanced and innovative technologies to help in the reduction of the cost and power involved. It was also featured in the Guinness world record. The latest technique that was used here was RO or the reverse osmosis that has been recognized as the unique engineering model and which has proved to be highly efficient.

Mosques to be visit in Riyadh

If you are overwhelmed with the facts of Riyadh, you can start planning the reservation in advance so the Emirates airline ticket price is affordable. And when you are here, you should not miss out visiting the most popular mosques of the city including the King Khalid Grand Mosque, Al Rajhi mosque, Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Grand mosque, and a lot more. In addition to the mosques, there are places such as the National museum of Saudi Arabia, Masmak Fort, King Abdullah park, and Salam park that speak for themselves and will give you a glimpse of the Saudi culture. Not to forget the massive shopping markets where you can get the best of things and experience the lively culture of the city.

The City Riyadh
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So, if you are attracted to the city of Riyadh, then look no more and start planning your trip soon by booking your tickets in advance.

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