The 2018 Olympic Winter Games will witness celebration of the centennial of the restored state of Lithuania

Olympic Winter Games

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang will call the entire world to witness our celebration of the centennial of the restored state of Lithuania.

A special centennial edition of an Olympic Team collection for the opening and closing ceremonies as well as for leisure is currently being made by an official outfitter of the Lithuanian Olympic Team “Audimas”.

The creative process of designing the new apparel has involved national athletes, who find the idea of dedicating the collection to the centennial celebration very appealing.

According to cyclist Simona Krupeckaitė, the Olympics is about love and pride in the country, thus the special outfit will only add to the motivation of the athletes.

The whole world will see our pride in the homeland and our desire to celebrate the centennial, even while staying away from home. I think it serves as a double incentive for our athletes to fight for Lithuania’s name and honour. I have no doubt that the new Olympic outfit will only reinforce this feeling in the athletes, says Simona.

Vesta Krungolcienė, brand business executive director at “Audimas”, is convinced that the new clothing is to definitely draw world’s attention and speak loudly about this very important date for Lithuania.

The patriotic attachment is well reflected in Lithuania’s centennial collection through an image of modern and innovative country. We tried to avoid worn-out archaic clichés in portraying our country, instead encoding LITHUANIA’s values in our own way, while relying on the voice of the people. To this end, we have chosen a partnering creative agency “New”, which has developed a visual identity for the centennial celebration. Naturally, we have followed in the process the latest global sportswear fashion and technology trends , added Vesta.

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