Regardless of the type of traveler you are, the Baltic States will not disappoint you. Here, we will tell you why. There are three small countries around the Baltic Sea, which people usually omit when they plan a trip to Europe.

Well, you should not. Let us tell you why. Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia together comprise the Baltic states. Even if you amalgamate the three, they will still not be equivalent to Serbia’s population or the size of Belarus. Unfortunately, people who know about the region confuse their names, and others outside Europe are mostly unaware of their existence. Quite frankly, it is their loss. 

The Baltic States is indeed one of the most beautiful regions globally and has a lot on offer. However, there is only one way that you can find that, and that is by visiting the area. Yes, reading this might help too. But why should you take my world? Explore it, and experience the mesmerizing beauty all by yourself. 

So, why should the Baltic States be your go-to place for the next summer? Let us find out. 

The Baltic Seaside

Mia, who recently had to pay someone to do my homework for her University paper, says that the seaside and summer are two synonymous things, and that is what makes the Baltic States the perfect summer location. Well, that is correct. The three Baltic States are all enveloped by the sea, which is, of course, the Baltic Sea. Take Lithuania, for instance. Despite being the shortest one, it has so much on offer. Lithuania has a tiny piece of land that lies amidst the Curonian lagoon and the sea. It is known as the Curonian Spit, which primarily comprises sand dunes. You know what? The region has its name listed on the UNESCO Heritage list.

You can actually cover the entire length of the Lithuanian region on your bike. Yes, you will be exhausted by the end of it, but it will surely be worth it. If you enjoy laid back and lazy holidays, you can try out the Liepāja or Jūrmala beaches in Latvia. Do not forget to check out the warm and scenic Estonian town in Pärnu.

Capital cities

Port of Tallinn
Port of Tallinn

The three capitals of the Baltic States – Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius are all majestic. All three of them have their ancient old town listed in the Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO, each for a perfect reason. For someone who enjoys fine architecture, the three cities of the Baltic States are genuinely worth a visit, says Emily, who is a writer with TAE. You will also appreciate the scenic beauty and a couple of castles more than the area’s architecture. Do not forget to take a picture for remembrance in Tallinn. Hiking the Vilnius’s Hill of Three Crosses is another thing to do. You can even climb one of the several towers of Riga. You can visit one, or all of them, bear in mind; there is no such thing as a bad experience in the Baltic capitals. 

Baltic history

Though history might seem like one odd reason to take a tour of the Baltic States, it is not. History involves everything from museums to folklore, archaic buildings, legends, and stories, which can make this excursion mesmerizing.  

First things first – Have you heard the Baltic Way story? In 1989, there was a peaceful demonstration where people of all these three countries came together and formed a human chain of about 675 km long. There are memorial plates spotted in all the three capitals, reminiscing the historical event. Though it is a small thing of exploration, and the site might not be the most spectacular thing to see, it will be worth it. Do you know why?

Once you understand the history behind it, you will indeed be appreciative of it. To tell you the truth, this is only a very minute piece of the three countries’ history. Though they have not been independent for a long time, their history can take you ages behind the time. You cannot imagine the amount of history that you will know once you visit the area.


Baltic Castles: Trakai, Lthuania

Baltic states is a cluster of three flat countries. So, quite obviously, there are not too many magnificent castles for you to explore. However, does that mean that there are no castles? Absolutely not! We will tell you one for all three countries, but bear in mind they have a lot more. So, if you are headed for a more extended vacation, do research about the castles because they are unmissable. 

One of the must-visit Lithuania’s castle is the Trakai Castle, says Melinda, a social media manager with FineGradesWell, it is just a 30-minute bus ride from the principal capital. So, if you are in Vilnius, the Trakai Castle should be on your list. The castle is located on the island on a lake and has been in existence since the 14th century.  

For people who like a more modern architecture, Latvia’s Rundale Palace can be a good pick. It was constructed in the 18th century and is an epitome of Baroque architecture. The place is enveloped by enchanting gardens, which demand a visit. 

If you are taking a tour of Estonia, you cannot omit the visit to Kuressaare castle, says Toby, who offers the best online course to learn python. It is indeed one of the best-preserved castles of the small Baltic state. The fortification also has a museum there. The island on which the castle is situated separates the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga.

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