Traveller Jalte Norder about his Eurotrip, 2154 km, by bicycle | Audio-interview


Norder, 22: How I cycled 2154 km from Netherlands to Czech Republic

Jalte Norder

Jalte Norder

It was one of the August evenings of 2019. We were sitting in a Parisian pub at our mutual friend Angelina’s birthday party

I talked to a tall young Dutch guy that joined our company a couple of minutes ago. His name was Jalte Norder and he was absolutely serious: he was cycling from the French capital to the Czech Republic.

Moreover, it was only a part of his way. Having started in Assen in the north of the Netherlands, he cycled through five European countries and eventually made a 20-day bicycle trip on his own.

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Kirill Filimonov
Kirill Filimonow is managing editor of the Baltic Review Russian bureau. Collaborates with Russian, European, and American mass media. Knows Russian, English, and French. Lives in Moscow.

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