Vehicular Crimes To Steer Clear of When You’re on Vacation—Besides Drunk Driving

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When you’re on vacation, you definitely want to avoid drinking and driving. It’s going to ruin your vacation if you get pulled over under suspicion of a DUI. It could end up being even worse if you drive drunk and don’t get pulled over. Instead, you could find yourself in a serious accident.

Think you can rest easy when you’re on vacation as long you aren’t drinking and driving? Think again! There are many ways you could find yourself in trouble with local authorities, which could mean spending the night in jail instead of your hotel room.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving involves operating a vehicle that puts people or property in danger. Hopefully, this isn’t something you would do on purpose, but you could find yourself in just as much trouble if you cause injury or damage by accident.

It can include:

  • Driving through stop signs or traffic lights
  • Swerving into oncoming traffic
  • Driving on sidewalks or in bike lanes

It’s also extremely important to know that texting while driving is often considered reckless driving. In some areas, talking on the phone while driving is also illegal.

Do yourself a favor and avoid calling or texting friends or family while you’re driving, even if you’re meeting up with them somewhere on vacation. While you’re at it, program your GPS before you put the car in drive to stay out of trouble.

Criminal Speeding

Most people speed at least a little bit every once in a while. It can be especially tempting while you’re on vacation. Not only is it easy to speed on open highways and interstates, it’s also tempting if you’re getting tired of being in the car and you just want to make it to your final destination.

If you are going to speed, speed very carefully, which generally means only going a few miles an hour over the speed limit. If you go upwards of 20 miles an hour over the speed limit, or you drive through a school zone way too fast, you could find yourself spending time in jail, paying a hefty fine, or both.

Aggressive Driving

You aren’t alone if you sometimes get frustrated on the road. The trouble is, feeling frustrated can cause you to act out behind the wheel. Some common road rage behaviors can be considered aggressive driving, which can get you into trouble.

Aggressive driving can include criminal speeding and reckless driving, but it can also include behaviors that are more annoying than dangerous. It can include changing lanes without signaling, blocking cars that are trying to turn or change lanes, or tailgating other drivers.

If you’re feeing extremely frustrated, and especially if you have been behind the wheel a long time and are feeling angry, it’s a good idea to take a break. Find a place to pull over and collect yourself so you don’t end up doing something that could get you in trouble.

Hit and Run

It’s obvious that you shouldn’t leave the scene if you accidentally hit another person. It makes sense that you could get into serious trouble if you do, but did you know you could get in just as much trouble if you leave the scene of an accident, even if no one else was involved?

If you hit another car, even if it’s empty, or if you damaged property, you can’t just take off. It’s important to call the police or at least leave your information at the scene. Otherwise, if you’re caught, you could face surprisingly serious penalties.

Driving on a Suspended License

Do you know if your license has been suspended? If you have been caught drinking and driving, you probably know your license has been suspended, but it can also be suspended if you don’t pay a fine, if you fail to comply with a child support order, or if you have a lapse in your insurance.

Before you take off on vacation, make sure you don’t have a suspended driver’s license if there’s a possibility you might. It’s also important to make sure others you allow to drive while you’re on vacation don’t have suspended licenses either.

You definitely shouldn’t drink and drive while you’re on vacation, but there are other things you shouldn’t do behind the wheel either! Avoid jail time and hefty fines when you’re supposed to be enjoying your vacation by making sure you’re on your best driving behavior while you’re away from home.

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