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Top 5: The most popular cars in the Baltics in III quarter 2020

Top 5:  The most popular cars in the Baltics in III quarter 2020
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Analysis of fully-processed registrations’ data performed by AV Automotive Research / AutoTyrimai, based on source data obtained from Regitra (Lithuania), CSDD (Latvia) and Maanteeamet (Estonia), reveals that new light-vehicle (M1&N1) registrations in the Baltic States slipped by 10.9% to 22’721 units in III quarter 2020. Since restrictions on economy and society due coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was loosened, market situation has improved considerably.

Lithuania, partly fuelled by demand for re-exports, got almost level (-0.3% to 12’088 units), while Latvia declined by 15.7% (to 4’461 units) and Estonia – by 23.6% (to 6’172 units), thus suffering the most. As for country share, Lithuania accounted for 53.2%, while Estonia and Latvia respectively had 27.2% and 19.6% shares.

There were 20’604 passenger cars (-9.7%) and 2’117 light commercial vehicles (-21.5%) registered in the Baltic States in III quarter 2020. The best performing makes (brands) were Fiat (4’885 units), Toyota (3’328), Skoda (1’950), Volkswagen (1’796) and Peugeot (1’223).

The most popular models were:

  • Fiat 500 (3’867 units)
  • Toyota Corolla (1’013)
  • Toyota RAV4 (942)
  • Skoda Octavia (781)
  • Jeep Renegade (518)

Some country-specific details regarding III quarter 2020 can be found in the table

New light-vehicle registrations in the Baltic States declined by 24.8% to 59’792 units in January-September of 2020. Lithuania decreased by 20.1% to 30’579 units thus keeping the lead. Latvia was down by 25.6% to 11’991 units, while Estonia slipped by 31.5% to 17’222 units.

The research is based on the common European-wide methodology, which considers a vehicle as being new one only when its first-overall and first-in-country registration dates are exactly the same. It counts so-called brutto volume paying no regard to any kind of short-term registrations and de-registrations which may follow-up at any time, and these are the subjects of another dedicated research.

by AV Automotive Research / AutoTyrimai communication

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