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Can I travel with CBD Beauty Products in the US?

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Hey, CBD lovers! Are you traveling to the US? And you are ready with all your essentials. But are you wondering whether you can carry your beauty products along with you or not? To ascertain this, we need to look at several aspects. Such as the present legality status of the drug in the US and the proportion of CBD in the products.

Along with it, do you know what options are available for CBD beauty products? Okay, nothing to worry about. We will uncover all these. The products include CBD hemp cream for normal skin to fight aging, acne, and pimples. CBD tincture, body wax, body oil, and much more.

Are you feeling excited? Aren’t you? Let us learn all you can have and how you can have them in the US.

Can I Travel With CBD Beauty Products In The US?

Legality status of CBD in the US

CBD in beauty products has been through a rapid increase. Even smaller pieces like lip balms and mascara contain your favorite drug these days. But we all know some countries have banned the usage of cannabidiol. In that case, one needs to take care of the country’s legal status they are traveling.

A question might strike your head that having CBD in make-up can be allowed. But it is not so. Countries with a ban on the herb do not allow it. For now, our primary area of concern is the US. Let us find out the legality status of the drug in the US. And the rules to carry it in the country.

The famous 2018 Farm Bill has made this drug legal in the US. The law has also removed hemp from controlled substances. Now, one can cultivate the herb without any worries.

The law suggests some rules in this relation. These are: herbs like CBD and hemp are legal, products containing THC below 0.3% are permitted. The use of marijuana (rich in THC) is still illegal. As per the law, CBD hemp products are legal in all 50 states.

Rules to carry CBD beauty essentials in the US

  • Even if the herb is legal in some countries, you cannot fly with it. The airports follow federal law. Hence, carrying the drug can be a top offense.
  • Traveling with it in any form can be viewed as smuggling. Traveling with this psychoactive herb for even a medical purpose is not allowed.
  • But as we know, CBD is not considered marijuana. The reason being the herb does not contain THC. So, while picking up your beauty essentials, make sure it is free from THC.
  • In case the label has no probable mention of THC. Make sure you pick a CBD hemp product. These are considered legal in all 50 states of the US.
  • Lugging smaller pieces of CBD make-up. For example, lip balm or mascara can be safe. Due to their packaging, it is hard to ascertain whether the product is CBD infused.
  • Carrying liquid products requires additional checks. Ensure you are not holding liquid make-up more than the TSA’s limit, which is 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters per item.

Difference between CBD hemp and marijuana 

CBD hemp and marijuana all are extracts of cannabis plants. They all belong to the same family. But what makes it different is the concentration of CBD and THC in them. THC is a compound belonging to cannabis plants that are psychoactive in nature. The higher the concentration of THC, the easier you will get elevated.

Hemp contains more CBD and less THC. And cannabis has a higher concentration of THC. Hence, countries prefer hemp goods over others. And when it comes to marijuana, medical science sees no difference between hemp and marijuana. The concentration of CBD and hemp is lower than 0.3%. But the law does, as per the law, a concentration above 0.3% is for marijuana.

What else do you need to consider?

So, now you have survived the airport. And that does not mean that you can be carefree. You need to take care of your products throughout the journey. And how you are going to do that.

Well, CBD is a plant derivative. So, keeping it exposed to direct sun rays will not be suitable. Make-up professionals suggest keeping CBD-based products away from direct sun rays.

These rays can cause unwanted reactions in your CBD hemp cream or meltdown your favorite lip balms.

When we talk about the direct sun rays, we mean a hot sunny day. You can treat your product as others if you are not going to the beach on holiday.

Top-rated CBD products

The market of CBD-based skincare products has increased. Upon that, Forbes magazine has published top beauty products for the year. We have brought a glimpse of the list for you.

  • Khus + khus bleu body wax
  • Botanika life vitamin C, squalane, CBD skin elixir
  • Lab to Beauty Rose Absolute Oil
  • Lord Jones Bump and Smooth CBD body serum
  • Prima Beyond Body Oil

Read the complete list here

Benefits of using CBD in beauty products

Benefits of using CBD in beauty products

The miracle ingredient CBD has shown several benefits on mental health. But it has much more to reveal. This herb is equally miraculous for the skin. Do not worry. It is not just for women. But all men, women, and even animals can benefit from it.

Let us check the advantages of CBD as the favorite choice of make-up formulators.

  • Antioxidant property to remove toxins under the skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory property to treat inflamed skin
  • Acts on endocannabinoid receptors to treat stressed skin cells
  • Treats problems of acne and eczema
  • Antioxidants to treat aging
  • Moisturizes skin and reduces dryness
  • Clears skin and protects from skin infection
  • Rejuvenate skin cells and enhance the glow

Final words

CBD beauty products like cbd for acne are receiving immense love. The love for them is increasing. It has become a permanent member of their daily skincare schedule. In such a case, one cannot think of traveling without them. But as we change the wind, we need to move accordingly.

So, it becomes essential to follow and respect the doctrines of the country. The laws offer flexibility to carry CBD for legal purposes in the US. Respecting them can land you a safer and happy experience.

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