Baltic: 500 Years of the Reformation in Riga

Baltic: 500 Years of the Reformation in Riga


 Thursday, 20 January 2022, 8 pm online via zoom 

The famous – and controversial – posting of Martin Luther’s 95 theses on the gate of the Castle Church in Wittenberg marked the beginning of the process we call the Reformation today.

Luther’s messages and ideas quickly reached Livonia through the Hanseatic network.

The disputation on 12 June 1522 in Riga’s St. Peter’s Church marked the beginning of the open conflict between the supporters of the new ideas and the traditional church doctrine in the metropolis Livoniae.

In his lecture, Dr. Martin Pabst describes the course of the Reformation in Riga with its challenges for the city society, but also tangible scandals.


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A lecture as part of the semester programme of the Fraternitas Dorpatensis Munich in cooperation with the German Cultural Forum Eastern Europe

Image: Since 2017, this memorial plaque in St. Peter’s Church commemorates the 1522 disputation. © Friends of St. Peter’s Church Organ Riga e.V.

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