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In June 2018, independent journalists from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia merged to form the group “For Freedom and Happiness!

Their first investigation of “Psychotronic Weapons in the Baltics” began!

Psychotronic weapons (former USSR, Russian, USA) in the Baltic States have been in private hands for more than 20 years! And it works!

Numerous evidences and facts of application of psychotronic equipment for influence on inhabitants of the Baltic states are already collected!


Why do the governments of the Baltic States not control, and the parliaments of the Baltic States do not regulate the use of psychotronic weapons? A group of independent journalists of the Baltic States “For Freedom and Happiness” is conducting an investigation to understand this!

Psychotronic terror is the use of weapons and objects of radiant type to covertly remotely control people’s behaviour, physiology and health in their familiar domestic and industrial environment. In addition, psychotronic technologies are used for remote killing and incitement to suicide, organization of accidents, intentional damage to electrical and electronic devices and equipment.

Irradiation consists of the disturbing influence of modulated impulses on the human organism – brain, walls of blood vessels, the central nervous system, internal organs. For this purpose, modulated signals of special frequency are used, which cannot be fixed by conventional radio-frequency equipment. The result depends on the frequency, power and exposure of the signals.

Psychotronic terror, psychotronic matryoshka dolls, psi-generator, audio coding, conversation with the unconscious, Fisher’s 25th frame. In fact, the “psi-gun” operates according to the scheme “generator – amplifier – transmitter – man”.

One of the areas of application of psychotronic weapons is the use of computer psycho-technologies – psycho-sounding and psycho-correction. Psycho-correction allows you to control the state and behaviour of a person. Video psycho-correction is a variant of psycho-correction using visual presentation of semantic suggestions. Psychotechnologists work with the human soul…

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