Baltic Holidays will participate in the 2020 New York Times Travel Show

Baltic Holidays will participate in the 2020 New York Times Travel Show
Shown here from left to right are Sally Chambers, Jurga and Linas Zabaliunas of Baltic Holidays, based in both Lithuania and the United Kingdom. This photo was taken in the Lithuanian Parliament. Photo courtesy of Baltic Holidays

Enthusiasm is building up for the 2020 New York Times Travel Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, which is the largest and longest running trade and consumer trade show in North America.

The show is scheduled to take place on Friday, January 24, through Sunday, January 26, 2020. This year’s event will showcase over 750 exhibitors, including Baltic Holidays which “specializes in creating tailor-made trips for their discerning clientele to destinations throughout the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Scandinavia, Russia, and Eastern Europe”. Stop by booth 476 at the show for more information.

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Holiday parks are perfect for families as they may be able to offer you connecting rooms or even a cabin with bedrooms and a kitchen. Many holiday parks have a space for your caravan if you want to bring one along. Another option in the park might be a hotel room or camping in the park.

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Holiday parks might offer entertainment as well. The type of entertainment available depends on the sort of park you choose. A park geared toward adults might have dinner shows, a bar, bands or entertainers. A park with family activities might offer daytime activities such as crafts, storytelling, or sports competitions.

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If Dad wants to challenge the kids to a video game in the arcade there is likely to be one at the holiday park. You might also be able to play air hockey or rack up the balls on a pool table. At some parks there is a book exchange for travelers or an internet café. Some parks are now even offering wireless internet so you can stay connected.

Shown here is Sally Chambers of Baltic Holidays framed by the beautiful backdrop of Vilnius. Photo courtesy of Baltic Holidays

The company led by Sally Chambers, and husband and wife team, Linas and Jurga Zabaliunas, has bases in both Lithuania and the United Kingdom.  “Baltic Holidays employs a small team of hand-picked, knowledgeable and passionate staff, many of whom either live in the Baltics, have ancestry in the Baltics, or have lived there as ex-patriats”, says Sally.

“Supported by a network of fascinating and passionate guides throughout their destinations,” Sally explains “that the Baltic Holidays team can help travelers discover the ‘real’ destinations, meeting locals, experiencing day-to-day life, and understanding the fascinating history that makes this region so important to our modern day world”.

Shown here are Jurga and Linas Zabaliunas of Baltic Holidays. Photo courtesy of Baltic Holidays

As Sally stated, ” Linas and Jurge Zabaliunas will be at booth 476, and welcome conversations with anyone interested in travel to the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Scandinavia, Russia, and Eastern Europe. They are always happy to discuss any family connections with people interested in discovering their Baltic ancestry”.

To get inspired, browse sample itineraries, and read travelers stories, visit For more information, contact

The first day of the Travel Show is Friday, January 24, which is reserved exclusively for travel industry professionals and members of the media. The first day will include expert seminars which will inform travel professionals and members of the media. The first day will include expert seminars which will inform travel professionals of the latest industry products and services, destination information and consumer trends. Saturday, January 25 and Sunday, January 26, will be open to the public, with two full days of cultural presentations and performances. 

Expected to generate a lot of attention at the New York Times Travel Show on Sunday, January 26, from 3:45 to 4:45pm in Room 1 E 15, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, is a Travel Seminar entitled, ” Heritage/Ancestral Travel”. As the description of the seminar states: “You don’t have to be a celebrity …to travel in your ancestor’s footsteps”.

Whether walking the streets of an ancestral village, or meeting distant relatives, this seminar will encourage participants to go on a personal journey. This seminar will be moderated by Lisa Vogele, Travel Your Tree, Author, Travel Consultant, and Tour Operator. Panelists include Mr. Linas Zabaliunas, Baltic Holidays, Valerie D’Elia, Travel Expert.

Lithuanian Linas Zabaliunas of Baltic Holidays was photographed enjoying a colorful crafts event in his country. Stop by booth 476 at the 2020 New York Times Travel Show to meet Linas and Jurga Zabaliunas. In addition, Phil Teubler, founder and travel advisor, is expected to be at the show too. Photo courtesy of Baltic Holidays
Shown here are Linas Zabaliunas and Ruta Sepetysat the opening of the film premiere of “Ashes in the Snow” in Vilnius, Lithuania. Photo courtesy of Baltic Holidays
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