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International Women’s Day – A black day for the fundamental rights of women and prenatal children

International Women's Day

“For the second time in history, abortion is included in a constitution as a ‘right’ or ‘freedom’. The first time was in communist-dictatorial Yugoslavia. France is following in unworthy footsteps.

From now on, every woman has the “guaranteed freedom” to have a “voluntary termination of pregnancy”. This puts the fundamental right of medical staff to freedom of conscience at stake – no one is allowed to refuse a guaranteed freedom. Two fundamental rights, freedom and freedom of expression, are being restricted in the socio-political work for the right to life of all people. A time limit on abortion, currently the 16th week of pregnancy in France, is now unconstitutional – abortion must be possible until birth. Girls who are unwanted because of their gender and children with genetic characteristics or illnesses will be particularly affected by this final approval of prenatal infanticide.

The following can be proven worldwide: Women’s equality is not improved anywhere by abortion, but by education and politically promoted respect for women. Maternal mortality is not reduced by abortion, but by health care. The brutal crime of rape is not solved by abortion, but by respect for and empowerment of women. Yet despite these facts, namely that promoting abortion neither advances women’s rights nor has any psychological, physical or other benefit for a woman, the abortion ideology continues to be promoted.

Meanwhile, girls are abused, sent for abortions and then sent back to their misogynistic living situation (e.g. in Chile). Meanwhile, women are forced to work as prostitutes, illegally receive abortifacients from international organizations (e.g. in Uganda) and are released back into unwanted prostitution. Meanwhile, up to two thirds of women in Germany only go for an abortion because they are put under pressure, mainly by men. The purely ideologically motivated abortion propaganda ignores the real situation of women and is deeply contemptuous of women.

Last but not least, France is violating the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Art. 6.1, which states: “Les États parties reconnaissent que tout enfant a un droit inhérent à la vie.” – “The States Parties recognize that every child has an inherent right to life.” Inherent means inherent in belonging to the human species. The right to life therefore applies even before birth. The German version translates this incorrectly as “innate” instead of “inherent”.

In view of the EU SoHO Regulation, in which human embryos are degraded to tissue, and the efforts to further establish “surrogate motherhood”, which exploits women, and to abolish the Embryo Protection Act, this takes on yet another dimension: human beings at the earliest stage of their development, who have no rights and are unprotected, can be used for research, to breed organoids, clones and hybrids, and to produce cosmetics and medicines. They can be produced, implanted in wombs, thrown away if they are unsuitable, aborted, recycled and anyone can be given the right to order children and ultimately do whatever they want with them after they are born. Because nobody checks who the ordering adults are.

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