Virtual Conference: “German Spring in Estonia”

German Spring in Estonia

When the global impact of digitalization is being debated on 23 and 24 March, the German-Baltic Youth Office will also be there. The National Office of Estonia will moderate a panel on filter bubbles at the virtual conference.

The representative of the Youth Work Office in Estonia, Lara Loeser, welcomes two top-class guests on the virtual podium of the event: Anja Türkan, responsible for the social media presence of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, and Prof. Tobias Ley, education expert from the University of Tallinn.

Many people know the phenomenon of filter bubbles that move in digital virtual space. Algorithms often ensure that you can only find information on the Internet that corresponds to your own inclinations and opinions. The problem: awareness of the existence of other opinions is dwindling. The view outside the box is missing.

“Especially the unconscious development of a filter bubble is fatal. As a member of Generation Y, which grew up with the social media, it is therefore a special matter close to my heart to raise awareness of an influenced opinion formation in the digital space,”

says Lara Löser, Head of the Estonia State Office of the German-Baltic Youth Office.

In order to raise awareness of the phenomenon of filter bubbles, the two experts and Lara Loeser will be available on 24 March from 11:30 to 12:30, registration is required:

The virtual conference is organized by the University of Göttingen as part of the “German Spring in Estonia”, which cannot take place on the spot due to the Corona pandemic.

The German-Baltic Youth Office has national offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany, which contribute to finding European answers to European questions of the future. The state offices are actively involved in public debates in the Baltic States and Germany. For the past three years, the German-Baltic Youth Office has been organising international conferences under the motto “Europe shall hear you”, at which young people and experts discuss future issues with each other.

More information about the Youth Work:

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