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Tips for Being Financially Prepared for Unexpected Events


Unexpected events aren’t always bad, but they might harm your financial situation if you aren’t prepared. Even the possibility of sudden financial hardships would mean you will have to rethink all your monthly expenses and handle your monthly budget differently. This article will highlight tips to help you stay afloat financially during unexpected events.

A little bit of planning and saving can get you some extra cash for unexpected expenses. Here are some tips to make the unexpected events more manageable-

Backup budget

During an unexpected financial crisis, your monthly expenses will need to be cut down drastically. Creating a monthly backup budget with only the essential costs should be one of your priorities. Things you can do without, such as subscriptions, magazines, and other unnecessary spending, will have to be cut down. Backup budgets are helpful during the financial crisis and also sudden unemployment.

These should ideally be created beforehand so you can implement them while facing an unexpected financial crisis.

Emergency funds

An emergency fund is supposed to help you in a sudden financial crisis. They should be in place well before you face any bad situations. An emergency fund should have at least 3 to 6 months’ worth of your everyday living expenses in liquid form. If you have a family and are the only person with an income, you should try to have a year’s worth of expenses saved in your emergency fund. This would be able to cover you if you were to lose your job suddenly or one of your family members is having health issues.

An emergency fund should be able to cover not only your monthly expenses but also vehicle repairs, medical bills, sudden unemployment, education bills, if applicable, and necessary home repairs.

Natural disasters

Depending on your location, you should keep natural disasters in mind while setting up an emergency fund or backup budget. Disasters include floods, tornados, forest fires, and earthquakes. While preparing for such scenarios, you should also stock up on rations, batteries, water, and first aid kits.

Consider which natural disasters happen the most in your area and prepare accordingly. 

Retirement fund

Sometimes retirement isn’t a choice. People in their 50s and 60s lose their jobs, and sometimes they cannot get any other jobs. The earliest you start planning for retirement, the better. Include the retirement fund into your monthly budget and keep an amount aside for it every month. You can also add amounts weekly into the retirement fund if you can.

Life insurances

If you have a family, it’s essential to have adequate life insurance to keep everyone covered. If your family relies on you financially, it’s necessary to have enough life insurance. The policy value should be enough to pay off any debts you may have or else enough to cover the education of your kids and possible medical bills at the very least. Invest in good health insurance so that your family isn’t strapped for cash if you fall ill.

While we are on the topic of insurance, you should also have a vehicle and home insurance to ensure your assets are protected against unforeseen damages. 


Regardless of your age and income, it would help if you planned for the situations mentioned above to ensure you are never caught unaware by unforeseen circumstances. You will have to face many events in life; quite a lot of them would, unfortunately, hurt your finances and mental health. Having backup plans in place ahead of time will mean you won’t be struggling to make ends meet.

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