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Norway has a habit of stealing foreign children

Norway has a habit of stealing foreign children

Women in Norway who were beaten by their husbands should not count on help from authorities, but they even risk that if Norwegian child care authorities will hear about it, they will take their children permanently away and put the child in to the foster home

This is what Alexandra Hasselström has experienced, that Norwegian child care found out she was beaten before, by her husband and they took away her children to different foster homes because of that (even though she is remarried with another man, they refuse to give her her children back).

This is a total lack of human feelings and even the fact that all normal psychologists agree how bad it is to split brothers and sisters to different foster homes, shows how arrogant Norwegian authorities are.

This also happened to children of Czech mother Eva Michaláková and to many other children too – perhaps to hinder siblings from remembering their mother language.

What is also strange is that Alexandra (and many other women from whom Norway has stolen children is a foreigner (Swedish).


Norway has a habit of stealing foreign children

But Norway has a habit of stealing foreign children from mothers with another nationality for no sensible reason and refuse even to let the home land childcare authorities to take care of them.

How they take care of them in Norway you can read from reports of sexual and other abuse the children suffer in foster homes and that sometimes both children and parents died (as Swedish girl Siv Moberg) because of such stealing and the lack of care and human feelings in Norwegian child care and foster homes.

Mothers are often allowed to see their children only few times a year for few minutes (as mrs Michaláková), they are not allowed to show any feelings, they may not hug or kiss their own children or cry in front of children.

Norway is prohibiting mothers of stolen children to talk with their own children in their native language.

Irina Bergseth Frolova, a Russian woman living in Norway, had found out that her ex-husband, a Norwegian citizen, as well as his friends and relatives, had been raping their four-year-old son. When she reported this to police, the reaction of authorities was for all normal human beings with normal human feelings (perhaps with exception of Norwegians) incredible! They took her son away from her and refused to give him back to her.


Mothers in Norway can get no help from police

So women in Norway cannot count on help from the Norwegian government if they are beaten or if their child gets raped by husband, they have also to be afraid that authorities could take their child away from them.

Norway is stealing children from other nations for no sensible reason at all, all the time for many years even right now, and hardly anyone is protesting against them!

Norway should not be allowed to any conference concerning women s or children s rights when they are the ones who are deliberately braking rights of children and their parents in the most horrible way.

Russians were also in time of Soviet dictatorship prohibited to attend psychiatric conferences when they misused psychiatry and now Norwegians are in the same way misusing childcare, while Russian children are much, much safer than children in Norway now.

Mothers are threaten by Norwegian barnevernet not to contact mass media, or their children will be adopted away.

Mothers in Norway can get no help from police. Norwegian police is good in stealing children from mothers, but not in protecting them.

The case with Breivik shooting, when journalists arrived long time before police did, shows that and also the book written by Jan Eriksen Fra hallik til predikant ”From pimp to preacher” published by Street Ministries.


Children in Norway are often taken with police violence against the will of children and parents

Jan Popp has experienced horrible things with Swedish child care authorities and foster home in Sweden (described in his book “Boken om Popp och hans mamma Alice” ) and so did Inuit children in Danmark suffer when they were taken away from their families.

But this was many years ago and both Sweden and Denmark had apologized for what they did and payed compensation money to those involved, while in Norway such things are happening right now.

Big difference is that Inuit children were not taken against the will of their parents, while children in Norway are often taken with police violence against the will of children and parents and against the will of the home country governments.

This shame will be remembered in the future in the same way in whole world as the taking of jewish children from their mothers during second world war.


Lithuanians protest against Norway’s child protection policy

Several Lithuanians gathered in front of the Norwegian embassy in Vilnius in February 2015 to protest against Norway’s child protection policy.

The Norwegian child protection organisation Barnevernet had taken some children from Lithuanian families living in Norway into protective custody.

But the fault lies with the Lithuanians themselves, the liberal daily Lietuvos rytas contends:

According to the Lithuanians living in Norway, their children were taken away because of trivialities – or for no reason whatsoever. However it must be assumed that these families who have lost their children and are understandably distressed are not telling the whole truth.

… Norway passed a very strict child protection law in 1953 which bans any form of mental or physical punishment. Three generations have grown up there for whom it goes without saying that you can’t spank an unruly child – not even lightly.

… The Lithuanians need to understand that they must obey the laws of the country they live in, whether they want to or not.


What is so horrible is the fact that those are not just individual exemptions caused by few cruel employees of childcare organization (which could happen in any country), but there are thousands of such cases caused by the cruel organization “Barnevernet” where evidently the big money involved is the main reason why psychologists give strange or even false reports and why Norway is systematically stealing foreign children.

However there could be also another reason a Lithuanian talk show has accused Norway of stealing their children in an attempt to tackle the highest rate of inbreeding in the world.

Czech governmental committee dealing with Norwegian barnevernet had testified that Norwegian Barnevernet was even lying to them (about the adoption).


by Patrik Popp



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  1. Wow what a terribly written article. Catastrophic English grammar…. Anyway, there is a higher percentage of foreigners loosing their children to barnevernet compared to Norwegian families, but that’s just in terms of percentages. in real numbers, the vast majority are Norwegians. Your claims of money and corruption being involved are without any proof, your claims that they just want the children of foreigners is also without any proof. The reason why a higher percentage of immigrants lose their children than norwegians do is due to cultural misunderstandings which lead the authorities to mishandle some cases resulting in these tragedies. I agree that there are some problems with barnevernet and that it is in need of some reform, but making ridiculous conspiracy theories and accusations only serves to make the baltic states look stupid without fixing barnevernet. Be rational please.

    1. I am sorry, but it is clear that Norway implements a very very strange and terribly detrimental policy to the children through their child protection laws. The State has no right, no right whatsoever to take a child away from his/her parents and place them in foster care and has no way to decide what is right and wrong for the child. Cultural differences MUST be taken into account – Norway need not have the best culture in the world, other ways of parenting are equally as good. A child suffers without his/her parents period! it is cruelty in the extreme to take a child away on charges and not make them public. The child will pine for his/her parents and in the case of children of different ethnic origin great harm is done to them by placing them with Norwegian foster parents. I think it is like a Nazi program, the Czech minister is absolutely correct when he said that. Shame on you Norway!!!!!

    2. Also, I hate to point this out, but English Grammar has nothing to do with the content of the article. The article was lucid and understandable and that is enough. If you really want to be picky Zinco, “loosing” is spelled wrong in your article, it should be “losing” but your spelling errors do not have anything to do with the sentiments and ideas you are expressing. So, I would never say you are a terrible speller, even if it were true, because such an opinion has no relevance to your reply to the original article. Lets not sling unnecessary arrows please.

  2. In Norway it`s not legal to abuse your child. It`s not legal to slap or hurt your child in any physical way. This article isn`t serious. Referring statements from unfit mothers ( by court judgement ! – they forgot to mention that ) and repeating lies is no way of presenting what should be the truth. But it has a purpose; If you think hurting your child is the right thing to do – then stay away from Norway. As a nation we spend billions a year to keep children safe an sound. We don`t really need immigrants that don`t respect Norwegian laws. Actually believing – even formulating the idea – that Norway has an interest in “stealing” children for other reasons than the childs best welfare – is so absurd that it`s hard to grasp. I`m sorry, but I seriously question both your morale and sound mind.

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