Poland would benefit from gold in Nazi train


Rumours have been circulating in Poland for the past three weeks that a train full of gold stolen by the Nazis has been lying in a tunnel near Walbrzych since the Second World War

So far there has been no official confirmation of the train’s existence.

But if the rumours are true Poland stands to gain no matter who the gold belongs to, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita believes:

If it turns out that the train contains gold bars from German banks, fate will have smiled on us. Because then we’ll be compensated for at least some of our war damages. If the gold is a private asset of Polish citizens, it will go to the heirs. In that case, Polish society would also benefit to a certain extent. And if it turns out to belong to Russians, French or Jews, then we’ll give it back to the rightful owners. And in so doing we’ll show the world that the rule of law applies in Poland. That too would only benefit our society.



Business with chocolate-Nazi trains and Nazi train mugs blossom: The alleged discovery of a “gold train” added a Polish village in excitement.


Poland would benefit from gold in Nazi train

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