Is it legal for Federal employees to consume Kratom Gold?


A federal government divides power between the state and the nation yet enables them to work together. An employee who works for a federal government is a federal employee. They could be teachers, judges, politicians, research scientists, doctors, and more. There are specific prohibition acts that one must follow if they wish to work as a federal employee and these rules differ for different countries. There are also additional privileges one can enjoy depending on their service. Many nations have federal governments. Few of them include The United States of America, Mexico, Belgium, Ethiopia, The United Arab Emirates, and more. Out of all the existing federal governments in the world, not all have legalized the consumption of kratom gold.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a medicinal plant extract derived from the herb Mitragyna speciosa. It is indigenous to subtropical countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. Since time immemorial, the local tribes of these countries have been using this herb to battle various health ailments. It is most famous for pain relief as it is a potent analgesic. Many Western countries love this product as it helps induce sleep, energize the body, boost the mind, and many more. Many athletes prefer to use it as a pre-workout supplement to enhance their performance and endurance.

Gold Bali Kratom

One of the best qualities of Kratom is that it is available in various varieties. And one such variety is the Gold Bali Kratom. This particular variety is suitable to consume at night due to its sedative properties. It also brings about relaxation in the body and mind, being ideal for people who have insomnia to consume. Gold Bali is extracted from a red strain variety, which becomes golden after extensive drying.

Gold Bali Kratom

Photo source: Pexels

Federal employees and Kratom consumption

Can federal employees consume the gold strain? No one has a straightforward answer to that question, as only a few federal governments have legally accepted the usage of it for medical purposes all over the world. A few of the federal governments that have legalized Kratom are:

  • United States of America
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Mexico
  • Canada

Although these countries have legalized it, few states within these nations have different laws about it, which have banned its consumption. It is a drug that is often misused for recreational purposes. Many state and national governments still believe that it could cause addiction and should not be easily accessible for people to abuse. On the other hand, few governments have recognized its potential in medicine and have granted it permission to be used exclusively for medical treatment. So yes, if you are an employee belonging to a federal government that has legalized the consumption of Kratom under federal law and state law, you can consume Kratom Gold legally. Few federal governments allow it to be sold directly to the consumers, while others strictly prohibit such practices. For instance, it is illegal for vendors to market Kratom for oral consumption; only its incense is allowed.

Kratom Usage Among Federal Employees In The USA

Many adults use it for various purposes. Many middle-age federal employees use it for its analgesic properties. In 2019, Jeff Stratum, Kraken Kratom’s owner, had offered free Kratom supplies to federal employees of the United States of America. It was a goodwill initiative to support people facing various crises.

Source: Pexel

Why is Kratom banned in a few countries?

Many nations are still in a dilemma whether to ban Kratom or not. The main concern of consuming this compound is that the psychoactive components might cause dependency. Its overdose can lead to harmful effects. Many states in the USA, such as Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, have banned Kratom, while states like California and Florida freely permit its consumption. As of 2016, the FDA has decided to classify it as a Schedule I drug, including hard drugs like heroin and LSD. These drugs are considered illegal since they have a high potential for misuse, and although it has many health benefits, most countries believe it is a price too hard to pay to regulate it medically.

What happens if Federal employees use Kratom Gold in the workplace?

More than 5 million Americans use Gold Kratom as a daily supplement. It is legal in a few states like any other dietary supplement; hence, its consumption shouldn’t be frowned upon. The employer cannot show discrimination against the employee for using this product. However, few people might over-consume these drugs and experience their psychoactive effects. If this leads to public nuisance, your colleague will retain the right to complain against you. Moreover, Gold Bali is a variety that is advisable to use this compound during the night, preferably before going to sleep, as it is known to help people suffering from insomnia.

Federal employees and Drug Testing

Working for the federal government or any corporate firm requires specific responsibilities, such as steering clear of illegal drugs. Drug tests are usually conducted among employees to check if they are consuming any illegal drugs. If it is legal in your country and state, one cannot sue you if Kratom shows up on your drug test. Moreover, it is doubtful that your employer would do a drug test to detect it if it is perfectly legal in your area to consume it. If any employee is ill-treated due to their decision to consume it, they retain the right to take action against the employer. It is also always advisable to know your rights and company’s rules regarding specific requirements before joining.


Since there is much fuss going on worldwide on the use of Kratom, it is ideal to do thorough research about the legality of Kratom in your area before consuming it. You can search for the legality of it in your state on google by saying is kratom legal in the Bahamas? If it is banned in your state and under federal law, one must refrain from illegally seeking it since that might cost you severe legal punishment. It is always advisable to consult a clinician before indulging in any product to know the correct dose and variety to use to tackle your problem.

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