Moskovskaya Vodka Defies Gravity With New Creative Direction

With a rejuvenated bottle design, several new products and an exciting new marketing campaign celebrating the pioneering spirit, Moskovskaya Vodka unveils the new global campaign.

Moskovskaya is introducing its first bottle redesign since 2012, breathing new life into the brand, communicating a premium, modern drinking experience to consumers whilst retaining the core value – authenticity. 

The exciting new creative direction will hero the bottle and the brand’s striking green color. It will open a new chapter in the brand’s story, appealing to a new generation of consumer and breathing life into one of the oldest vodka brands dating back to Russian Empire times, –

said Renatas Alekna, the Global Brand Director of Moskovskaya Vodka.

The “Green Is An Attitude” campaign includes contemporary street art and dynamic ink depictions of classic Russian icons including Moscow’s Red Square and the wild eagles and animals found in the depths of the Russian forests.

In line with the new bottle design and the innovative marketing campaign, the brand is also launching a groundbreaking limited edition bottle, celebrating the anniversary of the USSR Space Program and a world first.

In 1959, exactly 60 years ago, the first spacecraft that escaped Earth’s gravity and reached the vicinity of the Moon was launched.

The limited edition bottle, called OUT OF SPACE, has been designed, like the new creative platform, in collaboration with the Not Perfect Vilnius Agency and will be available globally, launching in the second part of 2019.

In the same time, the legendary brand has released an answer to the global pink gin trend.

“Moskovskaya Pink vodka is our innovative answer to the popular pink gin trend, which has taken Spain’s market by storm as an explosive phenomenon. Moskovskaya Pink is going to disrupt the vodka’s market in Europe thanks to the powerful flavor and innovative perfect color,”

said Renatas Alekna.

by Sabine Rutka

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Latvian Amber Beverage Group became owners of Moskovskaya in 2015 and launched the Moskovskaya Infusions range in early 2019.
Moskovskaya has given a modern twist to the eastern European tradition of infusing vodka with herbs and spices, with the launch of four new flavored variants.
The Moskovskaya® Vodka brand is now available in over 65 markets worldwide, with a strong and recognized following in the key markets of the UK, Italy, Lebanon, the Baltics and Spain.
The vodka has received numerous awards and accolades from experts in worldwide competitions since it received its first Gold medal in 1954 at the International Trade Fair in Bern.

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