How to Get Fit doing 3 Minutes of Exercise a Week

How to Get Fit doing 3 Minutes of Exercise a Week

Research shows that you can improve your fitness by doing exercises lasting 3 minutes per week.

This routine works especially well with individuals who do not have much time to spend at the gym or who don’t like being at the gym, yet want to become more fit. If you still want to exercise more but lack the time to do so, doing short bursts of high-intensity exercises will work well for you. Experts say that a 3-minute high-intensity exercise is much better than spending long periods at the gym. You don’t have to worry about suffering injuries as you can use cure hgh, a growth hormone, to boost your recovery. This hormone enhances cell regeneration and comes with other benefits, like making your bones and muscles stronger. Regardless of how brief the high-intensity training will be, the best results are guaranteed.

What can you do in 3 minutes?

While 3 minutes of exercise can make a huge difference, the challenge becomes knowing what you can do in this short time. You can try running, jumping rope, or simply skipping down the hallway. You can even go a step further and do some weight lifting, push-ups, or sit-ups. The idea is to continuously do something intensive within the 3 minutes, and to maintain this high level of intensity. If you feel that you can do it for 10 minutes or more, then you are most likely not going hard enough. Regardless of the type of workout, you must time it to last for exactly 3 minutes.

3-minute workouts to improve your fitness

·  Interval training: This involves alternating short, high-intensity exercises with some time for recovery. You work out as hard and fast as you can manage for about 30 seconds till you feel like you are out of breath and then allow your body to recover for around 60 seconds.

·  Strength training: Having a strength-training plan in your routine means you will reap just about all the possible health benefits associated with any fitness routine. Make sure the weight is heavy enough and do it as hard as you can manage till you exhaust your muscles. Try not to work on the same muscle groups on a daily basis, as you need some recovery time to repair.

·  Core exercises: The body consists of around 29 core muscles situated mostly on the back, pelvis, and abdomen. These muscles are the foundation for movement in your whole body. Strengthening them will protect and make your back stronger. You can also achieve balance and stability as well as reduce the risk of injury on your spine. Doing yoga is perfect for strengthening and building these core muscles.

·  Stretching: Active isolated stretches are recommended. By holding for just two seconds, you can boost your circulation and elasticity. They also facilitate muscle repair, preparing you for the next exercise session.

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