The best way to be lucky, in response to Latvian Midsummer beliefs


From rolling spherical throughout the dew to the search of the famed ‘fern blossom’, listed below are some in fashion Midsummer beliefs on what it’s best to and should not do to be blissful, prosperous and rich.

Disclaimer: LSM does not declare any success price for any of the proposed actions.

  • Do not sweep the flooring on Midsummer; doing so will wipe away luck.
  • Delicate the Midsummer bonfires on hilltops, and you will find money throughout the ashes.
  • Grass will develop greener on fields you stroll all through on Midsummer night.
  • Spherical midnight, wade by means of water; throughout the morning, there is likely to be money in your sneakers.
  • Soar over the bonfire so mosquitoes don’t chew within the summertime. Editor’s discover: be careful with the leaping or not a single mosquito might ever have the luck to chew you as soon as extra.
  • Accumulate the dew of the Midsummer morning sooner than the photo voltaic is up; it could actually heal rashes and completely different diseases.
  • Bathe in a spring sooner than dawn, and you might be beautiful.

Possibly most likely probably the most excellent of the beliefs is that it’s best to go looking the fern blossom, a emblem of affection and fertility, which solely appears on Midsummer night; it is unclear what happens when you do uncover it. Some sources say one need is likely to be granted, some say each factor you prefer to for will come true, and others declare you might ‘do what you want and nobody will uncover it.’ For larger possibilities, it’s best to place in your sneakers backward and wrap your self in a white sheet, and take a silk sheet with you to place beneath the fern. In any case, if any person invites you to go seek for the blossom, you can be in for a shock.

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