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Baltics: What do Lithuanians and Latvians have to say about one another? — What do Lithuanians think about Latvia?

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We think of them as our brothers and sisters. Latvia is the only other Baltic country today. Naturally, that comes with some “ha ha, we’re better than you” and “ugh, I wish we were as good as them” in some aspects of life.

We love to tease each other. Lithuanians insult Latvians and vice versa, but neither of us will tolerate if anyone else makes fun of Latvia or Lithuania (Estonia gets a pass, since we make fun of them too).

We have a very strong relationship, especially in the post-Soviet era as we were united by our mutual hate of being occupied.

Today, we feel a bit sorry for them, as their economy is a bit weaker and they have a very serious problem with the Russian minority in their country.

However, Riga is the unofficial capital of the Baltics, rightfully so. We, especially from northern Lithuania, go to Riga to the airport or seaport as it’s often more convenient than going to Vilnius or Klaipeda.

We also consider it a national embarrassment when we lose to them in basketball. Thankfully, that’s only happened a few times, as we are historically superior. However, they are far better than us at ice hockey. In football, we are equally terrible.

Overall, we have a good relationship and it’s only getting better. Hopefully, we will still start learning each other’s languages for even better cooperation!

by Simas Urbonavicius
The Baltic Review
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