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How to Protect Your PDF Files with SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF

When you need to transfer files containing sensitive information, passwords are the most common security method. In the case of a single file, you will probably encounter a password-protected PDF document.

Many people choose to set a password for PDF files to prevent others from editing or copying the content. Is there any solution to protect a PDF? The answer is yes.

Before you learn how to protect a PDF file with passwords, you should know that PDF password codes have two types: the user password and owner password. The former will block you from the PDF and this one will block you from editing.

Password types

In the case of PDF files, you will encounter two types of passwords, concerning the entire document or only some of its functions.

  • Document opening password

Files containing confidential data are most often protected with this type of password. It prevents someone who doesn’t have the file from viewing it. When you try to open a document, you are prompted to enter it.

To protect your content, you can use encryption with a password. This prevents third parties from viewing or modifying the content without your consent.

How to set up a password with SwifDoo PDF

The big advantage of SwifDoo PDF is that you can take advantage of password protection for PDF files on your computer. After giving a password, you can export the document as a PDF file or share it online immediately. To create a password-protected file in the PDF program, follow these steps:

  • From the main menu, open files folder and select the PDF file you want to set up the password from.
  • Permission password

Protects a PDF file against modifications such as printing, editing or copying the contents of the PDF file. You can open a document protected with this type of password without any problems, but you will not be able to use the blocked functions without entering the password.

Handling a password-protected PDF file is not difficult. It is enough that you have the appropriate program such as Swifdoo PDF, and you know the password used by the creator of the file.

Methods of protecting PDF files in SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF offers a number of robust security measures to protect PDF content owners from unauthorized access. With proper security procedures, PDF files can be easily secured to ensure that the user cannot open the PDF file without appropriate approval or modifying the content. There are the following methods to protect PDF files in SwifDoo PDF:


Password is the most common and used method of protecting PDF files. This feature allows the user to assign a password to the file, thus ensuring that only authorized users can open the file. This protection prevents unauthorized misuse of sensitive data. 

Digital Signature

A digital signature can also be used to protect PDF files. This is one of the best ways to protect PDF files as it ensures the authenticity and integrity of the document content to users. According to SwifDoo PDF, digital signatures are not only electronic signatures, but also the most secure way to ensure the authenticity of PDF files.


Visually marks documents. It may include the company name, product brand, or author’s name.


  • Your password-protected PDF document is now ready.

After creating the file, you can go to the selected location and check it. Now only the person who knows the password to the file can read and modify it.

If you want the PDF file that should no longer be password protected, SwifDoo PDF allows you to easily decrypt the file by removing the password as well.

To sum up

The SwifDoo PDF program offers a variety of tools to help ensure the security, privacy, and integrity of your PDF files. Considering the methods mentioned above, you can use them to protect your PDF files from unauthorized access.

With proper security procedures, PDF files can be easily secured to ensure that the user cannot open the PDF file without appropriate approval or modifying the content.

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