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What Do You Need to Get into College?

Get into College

Getting into college is a move many people make for the chance to better their career prospects and get a job they would like to do. There is a significant emphasis on getting the right grades, but did you know that is not all you need to think about? If you are wondering what elements need to be considered to give you the best chance of getting into your chosen course, read on to find out more.

Good Academic Grades

There is no skirting around this being a key component when getting into college, so it may as well be point number one! You will need to obtain a certain level of grades to get into your chosen courses, though it is worth noting that some are stricter than others. Aiming for the best possible outcome will always be favored over just doing the bare minimum. However, if you do fall short a couple of points or maybe a grade in certain areas, some courses will determine whether there is any wiggle room. For example, if you are applying for a music course but you didn’t get top marks in geography, some universities will use common sense moving forward. Keep on top of your grades by checking what you need for your course over at, but try not to panic if there are some discrepancies, as your application also involves other considerations!

Personal Essay and Recommendations

Much like a CV, a personal essay should be created with the goal of selling yourself. You want the course you’re applying for to see why you are the right person for a position and what they will gain from taking you on board. If you haven’t achieved the grades you wanted or you have had personal difficulties during your course, which have been reflected in the outcome of your grade, this could also be a good time to discuss that.

Sometimes life throws unwelcome curveballs, which can interrupt your path; it is how you deal with it and how you make it out of the other side that counts and will be a testament to your character – something that a course will want to know! If you have any personal recommendations from previous teachers or professionals that can also give you a character reference and play up your strengths, this will also support your application.

Extracurricular Activities, Hobbies, or Experience

Many courses value someone with a well-rounded view of learning, which in some cases means to step outside the books and focus different aspects of life that will only complement your course and allow you to bring a different kind of experience to your future role. For example, if you are self-taught in blacksmithing and can demonstrate a variety of skills proving you care about what you do and that you had the drive to teach yourself, courses may make exceptions at their own discretion and allowance you don’t quite reach the grade target. 

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