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Top 20: Most popular passwords in Lithuania – is yours on the list?

Password security

According to a NordPass survey, Lithuanians prefer particularly easy passwords. The most popular password in Lithuania is “123456”, followed by “123456789” and “123123”.

  • 123456
  • 123456789
  • 123123
  • lopas123
  • lopas
  • mantas
  • qwerty
  • samsung
  • 111111
  • lietuva
  • asasas
  • asilas
  • mamyte
  • 123
  • katinas
  • 12345
  • karolis
  • nesakysiu
  • labas
  • kaunas

Unfortunately, while cyber attacks are increasing every year, internet users are still using very weak passwords.

Among the most popular passwords, simple number sequences remain very common, as well as people’s names and other weak passwords. A similar trend is also prevailing worldwide. In a study we carried out a few months ago, we also found out the two hundred most popular passwords in the world. As in Lithuania, the first was 123456.

says Patricija Černiauskaitė, NordPass spokesperson.

Why should you be concerned about your passwords?

Cyber attacks happen all the time. Depending on the attack, different user data may be made public.

Many people don’t take care of their passwords because they think they have nothing to hide. But we all store valuable data on different platforms. Fraudsters can come up with countless ways to profit from users’ data, such as selling it, or hacking into your email account to send false messages asking for money transfers on your behalf,

says Patricija Černiauskaitė, NordPass spokesperson

How do I protect my accounts?

“NordPass security experts share their top tips for those who want to ensure their online security:

  1. Use unique passwords for each account. Your passwords should be 12 characters long and include numbers, symbols, lower and upper case letters.
  2. Use two-factor authentication (2FA). This method of authentication allows two devices to verify your identity before you can log in to a particular website.
  3. Store your passwords in password management apps. As well as remembering your passwords, these apps can also alert you if your data has been compromised in a cyber-attack. The NordPass app being developed in Lithuania offers just such a feature.
  4. Hacked password databases are constantly being updated, so update your passwords regularly.

What should I do in case of a data leak?

If your data has been leaked in a cyber-attack, make sure you change your passwords on your other accounts right away, especially if your passwords are the same on several different platforms. It is also advisable to install two-factor authentication (2FA).

Those worried about financial loss can use free credit history monitoring tools such as My Credit Info. Those who sign up to this website will receive short messages informing them of a change in credit rating, a new debt or a payment made. The system also informs you if someone has taken an interest in your personal data.

Study methodology: The study was carried out in cooperation with independent researchers investigating data leaks. These data were leaked during various cyber-attacks.

Source: NordPass

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