Breaking energy production record in Denmark

Breaking energy production record in Denmark
Vestas Wind Systems

In the past years Denmark with the energy produced by the wind turbine farms besides providing the energy need of the country they were also able to selling electricity to other European countries. Now there has been a new record broken which you will hear the name more often.

In Oestrild where giant wind turbines have been tested, the highest energy record produced up to now is broken by a single wind turbine.

This new 220-meter giant wind turbine is capable of generating 216,000 kWh of energy over a 24-hour period.

This figure can meet the 20-year energy needs of an average American house.

Established in partnership with Vestas Wind Systems and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, “MHI Vestas Offshore Wind” has this record holder.

They also broadcast a video that contains detailed figures for the turbine that broke the record and is now on sale.

This development means that the increasing energy demand can be achieved with fewer turbines.

Each of the blades of this huge wind turbine is 80 meters long and weighs 38 tons. In other words, these blades take up more space on the move than the area covered by London’s famous London Eye. These turbines, which are called giant sea monsters, have a life span of 25 years and the good news is that 80% of each device is made from recyclable materials, metal is the material that is being recycled the most, thanks to the use of scrap metal pick up services in different cities. So it is a nature-friendly product.

Torben Hvid, CTO of the company, says they will work continuously to produce more energy and make it cheaper. On the contrary, they share that they think that a device that can produce energy in such a high level will not be put on the market by other companies currently.

Renewable energy is becoming less costly than fossil fuel production. Increasing technological opportunities are driving companies and states to invest in renewable energy. This is evidenced by the 191% increase in solar energy usage in the United States last year. Las Vegas is now providing renewable energy for the entire government building in the city and the state of Massachusetts issued a declaration stating that by 2035, 100% of its energy needs, the entirety would be covered by renewable energy.

A world that is developing with clean energy is no longer a dream. Only corporate companies, governments need to put the hand under the stone. We can achieve this even using existing technologies.

Berkay Alp
The Baltic Review guest author

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