Electric Planes Are On The Road

Electric Planes Are On The Road
Electric Planes Are On The Road

A company named Wright Electric shared their plans to build a 150-seat electric plane at Techcrunch Y Combinator Demo Day lateen and to design and develop an airplane that will work entirely electrically.

It might seem to be an incredible idea, but if they completely solve the fuel problem, which is one of the biggest expense items in the aviation market, they will be profitable by almost 30%.

Wright Electric has potential when we look at the core team. The core team is made up of a group of electric planes researchers working on NASA’s. The design team is made up of experienced people like who have worked on Boeing and Cessna.

As a first step according to blog sharings, they will first try the system they developed on Piper Cherokee aircraft. At the same time, they are hoping to provide resources to be able to pass the concept plane to life. After that project, they plan to produce the first commercial (9-seat) planes to fly without jet fuel.

According to the BBC, Wright Electric has succeeded in attracting interest from EasyJet, Europe’s popular cheap airline company. EasyJet plans to contribute their own experience with this project, which is compatible with their dream of transporting passengers from London to Paris with a fully-powered airplane over the next 10 years.

Electric plane test is not a new development recently. Airbus has set up E-Fan to explore the potential of electric planes and even the first aircraft they produce has crossed the English Channel in 2015. Despite this success, Airbus has developed a hybrid version of E-Fan, both electric and internal combustion engines, because it could have been more sustainable.

Wright, depending on how fast the battery industry will move forward over the next few years, they can also advance with a hybrid system. But they do not neglect to mention that airline companies will do anything ethically possible to reduce operating costs.

While biological fuels are being tested in the US, there is no reason why different designs and studies are not done for electric aircraft. With such an improvement, both airline companies, indirectly customers and most the environment can benefit of it. The reduction in the use of jet fuel will be really beneficial for the environment.

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