Provocation: Lithuanian younger lady crosses Russian border with out paperwork – She was detained

Nida-Morskoye border crossing
Nida-Morskoye border crossing

Lithuanian resident in Neringa crossed the Russian border: she was detained and interrogated for six hours

Greta D., who was on vacation in Nida, went for a stroll within the afternoon on 2 July and entered the territory of the Kaliningrad area, the Russian Federation. There, she was detained by border guards and launched solely six hours later.

The spokesperson of the Pagėgiai Border Guard Outpost Asta Šimkuvienė confirmed this info. In keeping with her, an investigation is underway.

Nida-Morskoye border crossing
Nida-Morskoye border crossing

Greta D. stated that the checkpoint in Nida on the border with the Kaliningrad area shouldn’t be operational, she didn’t meet any border guards on her approach, and there have been no indicators prohibiting ahead visitors, solely an indication forbidding the entry of automobiles. The Nida checkpoint has been closed since 16 March 2020.

The younger lady had neither a passport nor a visa, solely an identification card; she knew she was going to the territory of the Russian Federation, the place Russian border guards detained her. The woman believes that Lithuanian border guards ought to have stopped her from coming into the territory of the neighboring nation.

In keeping with unofficial knowledge, Lithuanian border guards had been monitoring Greta D.’s actions by the use of video surveillance methods.

“I wanted to ask at the checkpoint if I needed a visa. I was walking without hiding. I thought they would see me on the camera, stop me, and I would go back. But there were no people at the Lithuanian checkpoint. “

explains Greta

I knocked on the door of the booth, but no one answered, I went on, saw the Kaliningrad sign, and turned towards the sea. And then I must have been spotted by the cameras. I was not supposed to be allowed through the Lithuanian border, but I passed unnoticed. On the Russian side, they called me and asked who I was and why I was there. I said that there were no people at the checkpoint, so I went on,” she stated.

Greta couldn’t clarify why she had achieved so. The younger lady stated that she was detained round 5 p.m. and launched at 11 p.m. She stated that her Russian language abilities had been poor and that she communicated with the border guards by means of a particular app.

Later an official and an interpreter got here to the outpost and began interrogating her. The younger lady thinks it was a state safety officer. He suspected the detainee of espionage.

The Lithuanian Division of State Safety repeatedly warned residents that they might fall into the fingers of particular providers in Russia and Belarus and be recruited or blackmailed.

The younger lady was looked for medication, explosives, and weapons. They checked her telephones and paperwork. In keeping with her, she was suspected of conspiring with Lithuanian border guards, as if she had crossed the border with their information.

Nonetheless, it ended with the younger lady being fined 2,000 Russian rubles (about 35 EUR). She was additionally instructed that she can be monitored for a while. Then Greta was handed over to Lithuanian border guards.

“After that, I wrote an explanation in Neringa. Then they let me go,” stated Greta.

In keeping with unofficial info, to this point the border guards take into account the incident to be an accident, however all of the circumstances will nonetheless be checked.

Andrzej Vilenski
Andrzej Vilenski, the Baltic Review correspondent is a PhD student at the University of Vilnius, studying policy.

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