First Latvia international ceramics biennale


On June 16, the exhibition „Peteris Martinsons. Porcelain Drawings” has been opened in Daugavpils Park Hotel Latgola to commemorate Peteris Martinsons, the greatest Latvian ceramist, and to introduce the events of the 1st Latvia International Ceramics Biennale.

The 1st Latvia International Ceramics Biennale will begin with July 15, 2016, with an opening of ‘Martinsons Award’ exhibition and the exhibition of Daugavpils ceramists ‘Welcome to Daugavpils’ at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre.

298 outstanding applications from artists form 44 countries had been received for the ‘MARTINSONS AWARD’ exhibition.

The International Jury represented by Elaine O. Henry (USA), Bernd Pfannkuche (Germany), Sirin Kocak Ozeskici (Turkey), Jane Jermyn (Ireland), Simcha Even-Chen (Israel), Ilona Romule (Latvia), and Valentins Petjko (Latvia) has selected 110 artworks by International artists and 26 artworks by National artists to participate in the exhibitions (SELECTED ARTISTS). After the opening ceremony, ‘The White Cube’, a 24-hour performance by Israeli artists Roy Maayan and Erez Maayan will start in front of the Art Centre.

On July 17, the participants and guests of the Biennale are welcome to the opening of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre’s Contemporary Ceramics Collection exhibition in Lūznava manor, Rezekne district. In July 18-19, the 9th International Scientific Conference PERSON.

COLOR. NATURE. MUSIC will take place in the Rothko Centre within the Biennale events programme and will be dedicated to ceramics, arts and other related topics. The porcelain exhibition by Latvian artist Eleonora Pastare, and the exhibition by students of Latvian Children Art School ‘Birds’ will be opened in frames of the Conference.

In July 20-21, the Biennale events will move to Riga, the capital of Latvia. The exhibition ‘Ceramics of Ķīpsala’, showing the rise of Latvian professional ceramics of the 20th century, will be opened in Riga Technical University Exhibition Hall in Ķīpsala. The exhibition ‘Latvian Contemporary Ceramics’, representing 6 most outstanding ceramic artists of Latvia, will be opened in the Gallery of Artists’ Union of Latvia. On July 21, the exhibition of artworks by the Biennale Jury members will take place in EU House along with a press-conference.

The opening of the exhibition of Peteris Martinsons’ artworks and the 1st Latvia International Ceramics Biennale Award Ceremony will take place on July 21 at the National Library of Latvia.

First Latvia international ceramics biennale


July 15 11.00-15.00        Registration for the Biennale in Rothko Centre’s outdoor                                exhibition area

‘Welcome to Daugavpils’, exhibition by Daugavpils                                         ceramists

16.00     Opening of ‘Martinsons Award’ exhibition at Rothko Centre
July 15-16 THE WHITE CUBE, performance by Israeli artists Roy & Erez Maayan
July 16 Presentations by ‘Martinsons Award’ nominees
July 17 Exhibition of Contemporary ceramics collection of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre at Luznava manor, Rezekne district
July 18-19 International Scientific Conference “PERSON. COLOR. NATURE. MUSIC”

Ceramics by Eleonora Pastare, exhibition at Rothko Centre’s Conference hall

‘Birds’, exhibition of students of Latvian Children’s Art Schools at Daugavpils Clay Art Centre

‘Baltic Raku’ firing performance at Daugavpils Clay Art Centre

July 20 ‘Ceramics of Ķīpsala’, exhibition opening at Riga Technical University gallery in Ķīpsala, Riga
‘Latvian Contemporary Ceramics’, exhibition opening at the gallery of Artists’ Union of Latvia, Riga
July 21 Press-Conference and Jury exhibition at EU House, Riga

Ceramics and graphics exhibition by Peteris Martinsons at National Library of Latvia, Riga

Presentation of P. Martinsons Life Story’s English edition

‘Martinsons Award’ ceremony at National Library of Latvia, Riga

July 22-30 Artist in residency at Ceramic Laboratory, Daugavpils

Georgi Pachkoria, Georgia

July 30 ‘Feast’, ceramics exhibition by Georgi Pachkoria at Rothko Centre’s outdoor exhibition area
August 5-20 4th International Ceramic Art Symposium „CERAMIC LABORATORY”
August 17-19 3rd International Festival of Experimental Firing Techniques


Contact information: Valentīns Petjko | [email protected] | +37120207533

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