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Amazing World of Smartphone Watches


In the tech world, technology is synonymous to innovation

Today, there are hundreds and thousands of gadgets that have enticed the souls and minds of millions of people. To the much excitement of the masses, smart phones have got smaller and they now fit into the wrist watch – also called as the pocket watch. Although, some people don’t find these productions as good as the watches you can find on with a classic look.

Launched at the MWC this year, the Runcible or the smart pocket watch gave watch lovers something to cheer about. The Runcible has a wooden back covers that give a very elegant look to the gadget. The back covers will also be available in ceramic, copper, brass, tin etc. You will also be able to swap the backs of these smart pocket watches with different covers. The main idea of the Runcible is to pull you away from the smartphone to give a different experience. There will be very few notifications on the screen that will accentuate a very unique design. There is a camera right in the centre of the device that will give stunning photos. At ideaing, they rely on smart technology to take care of our families, organize our everyday activities, accomplish more each day, and live richer and increasingly satisfying lives.

To avail discounts on such latest gadgets you will have to pick up a good online store like Amazon and Get Your Coupon Codes and know how to use amazon coupons. Shopping on the internet can be really cool, but you will have to be very smart when it comes to buying the latest gadgets. If you are looking for the latest smartphone watch, then you can try out the Huawei Watch. This watch may appear to be small, but it packs a punch with the Qualcomm 1.2 GHz processor and a 512 MB RAM. This smartphone watch also has a 4GB of internal storage. Don’t be surprised if you find that the specifications outsmart some of the best smartphones in the market today. With a 300 mAh battery, you will not have much of a problem in keeping the Huawei Watch ticking for a long time. You can find some great automatic watches under 100 dollars for your loved ones too.


Another good Smart watch is the Asus Zen watch. This high end watch was considered one of the most wanted smartwatches a techie person would want, it has very cool specs that will make you love it. Like most Android wear watches, you will find no buttons on the top side of the watch. You have to simply tap or do a sliding gesture to activate the controls. The Asus Zen watch operates on Android Wear – the software that is specially designed for smart watches. The Asus Zen watch serves you relevant information in the moments that it thinks that you need. So, the Asus Zen watch will provide you with notifications, updates for traffic, maps etc. If you want to get your hands on this smartphone watch you can look for discount offers and get valuable savings on the original market price of the device. Also, checkout Mvmt watch review up here as such. Its one of its best on the market too.

Samsung Gear S vs Samsung Gear Live

If budget is not a constraint for you, you can opt for the Samsung Gear S smartphone watch. This smartphone samsung watch has Bluetooth, which means that you can talk to your Samsung phone directly. It also has Wi-Fi and 3G – this is something that you may not find in the other smartphone watches. You can also use the Samsung Gear S smartphone watch as a remote control for your Samsung smartphone and play songs at your convenience. This is surely one of the best smartphone watches that have hit the market recently.

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