From Lithuania around the world by motorcycle

From Lithuania around the world by motorcycle

Lithuanian plans to travel around the world by motorcycle

An ambitious traveller and motorcyclist Tadas Gelžinis is determined to celebrate the centenary of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania by a trip around the world, taking with him his dianese motorcycle clothing collection plus one of the best safety equipment.

Gelžinis will go on this trip as early as this summer and he is planning to cover a distance of 120,000 km and to visit 50 different countries in the world. The journey will last for 2.5 years.

He pointed out that on his way he would like to meet the Lithuanian communities and expects to be able to do this in each country he visits.

“I will invite Lithuanians to plant a tree together”, says the traveller.

First of all, the traveller will go East in the direction of Vladivostok. From there the motorcycle will be shipped to Canada and the traveller will cross the North America and the South America; then he will go to Europe.

Gelžinis says that he is less worried about the changes of temperature than the safety in some of the countries.

Gelžinis expects that the local people will offer him hospitality and bed in the majority of the countries but he does not discount the possibility of sleeping under an open sky sometimes.

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