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Latvian Roamer launches unique service for travelers


Latvian Roamer, the low-cost roaming app, has introduced a new feature

It’s now possible to order local prepaid SIM cards for the countries a user is going to visit. The SIM cards will be sent to the users’ home addresses before they travel. The service is now available for users worldwide.

Roamer enables its users to call both abroad and from abroad at cheap rates and via an Internet connection or local SIM cards.

The unique feature is that Roamer preserves your regular mobile phone number even once your SIM card has been removed. The application is available on iPhone and Android and smartphones and tablets, including iPad, and operates with any SIM-card.


The latest development now makes it even easier for Roamer users to acquire local SIM cards before a trip. Once the order is received Roamer will ship the card anywhere in the world within 10-15 working days. It’s possible to pay via PayPal or credit cards.


Roamer CEO Nick Ustinov notes that the most common customer feedbacks were related to buying local SIM cards.

“When people arrive in a foreign country it can often be challenging to find the right SIM, decipher the instructions in a different language and adjust various settings to get it working.”

The Roamer SIM shop is seems to be an attempt to make that process easier.

“We have tried to keep the SIM prices as low as possible and just look to cover the postage and packaging. Roamer is not in the business of making profit from SIM cards, for us it’s all about making our customer experience better.”, –  explains Nick Ustinov

As of December the Roamer SIM shop offers cards for over 40 countries, including: USA, China, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, France, Spain, Macedonia, Ukraine, Italy and others.

The list is due to keep expanding based on customer feedback. In fact the shop includes a nice feature that enables customers to vote for a country if Roamer doesn’t currently stock it.


by Denis Kamishev

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