Miss Lithuania Patricija Belousova

“Miss Lithuania” is a first-time professional dancer on “Let’s Dance” 2021


“Let’s Dance”: These are the most beautiful pictures of professional dancer Patricija Belousova

Miss Lithuania” is participating in “Let’s Dance” 2021 for the first time as a professional dancer. And as her title suggests, she not only has a lot to offer on the dance floor. We show you the most beautiful photos of the attractive blonde! She is new to “Let’s Dance” in the 14th season: Patricija Belousova joins the ranks of the new professional dancers together with Malika Dzumaev. But she is not only a dancer, but also Miss Lithuania – we introduce her and show her most beautiful pictures.

The people responsible for “Let’s Dance” have scored a real coup – at least on paper. Not only have they managed to sign up a talented professional dancer for the 14th season, she is also so beautiful that she has been crowned “Miss Lithuania“. The question of Belousova’s home country therefore does not arise; she was born in Lithuania in 1995. In her mid-20s, however, she has already seen much more than her native Lithuania and her adopted country Germany. In the meantime, Belousova has worked as a professional dancer primarily in Russia, Spain and Italy.

It is not only the journey Belousova has made through dancing that is impressive, but also her career as a beauty pageant contestant. After all, she managed to win the title of “Miss Lithuania” for the first time in 2014 and then defended it each time until 2019. Does anyone still have doubts about her beauty? Probably not!

Here are Belousova’s Instagram highlights: Already the first photo – top!

In case you didn’t believe us! Here is the “Miss Lithuania” sash:

Smile please!

Such a body needs to be trained, of course:

Short and sweet – we are thrilled:

For Instagram, the leopard one-piece is also unpacked once!

Greetings from the Hanseatic city!

Also on the flank is a good figure:

Yes, we have deliberately saved the highlight a bit!

Who needs socks when you can wear fishnet?

Adventure land Alster!

What’s cuter? The smile or the shirt?

Even in all black she makes a good impression:

Body to body across the dance floor, with lots of energy and hot moves – that’s how Belousova met her life partner. She is in a relationship with her dance partner Alexandru Ionel. Ionel is also one of the “Let’s Dance” professional dancers in 2021. Hopefully, the house will not be in trouble – depending on who performs better.

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