Lithuania – Without the right to happiness
Ingvar Henry Lotts, Lithuanian journalist and writer
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Lithuania – Without the right to happiness


PUBLICITAS Publishing House is planning to publish a series of books “Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness “. The books in this series will be published in four languages: Lithuanian, Russian, German and English.

The first three books in the series “Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness” are written by Lithuanian journalist and writer of German origin Ingvar Henry Lotts.”

The first book by Ingvar Henry Lotts is entitled “Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness – The Road to Nothingness“. This book shows the social problems of Lithuanian youth. It tells of the hopelessness that drives Lithuanian youth on the path of suicide, drug addiction, and crime.

In the second book “Lithuania: The law is not written to the cops. Why the Prosecutor Stutters” the author tells about the open arbitrariness of law enforcement agencies, their violation of the laws of the State of Lithuania, the Criminal Procedure Code of Lithuania and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Lithuania: Conscious Neogenocide of its People” is the third book in this series. It tells the story of new, hidden modern forms of genocide of the Lithuanian people.

The first books of the series “Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness” are planned to be published at the beginning of 2020.

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Quotes from books by Ingvar Henry Lotts

In Lithuania, the deliberate genocide of his people continues. The law is not written for the servants of the law, and their arbitrariness is not punishable.

Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness

Honest prosecutors who stammer in shame, hastily read false accusations in court, but still make a general “black” case.

Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness

Almost all forests were cut down and exported to Europe.

Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness

The pigs of the Danish farmers continue to fill Lithuania’s green meadows and fields with their liquid manure.

Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness

The best Lithuanian plants and factories, such as the Vilnius Elfa electrical engineering plant, which once produced “black boxes” for aircraft and other good quality electronics, were destroyed.

Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness

The state deliberately genocides its people. People leave the country in masses. Both ordinary people and true patriots suffer from the genocide, as President Rolandas Paksas, who flew around the world in his small airplane with the proud waving Lithuanian flag, glorified Lithuania.

Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness

Of the 4.5 million people who once inhabited Lithuania, only 2,794,000 inhabitants (January 2019) remain, of whom 170,000 are in prison, according to the independent news agency SAGITLMM.

Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness

The number of prisoners in Lithuanian prisons and prisons is growing day by day. In addition, Lithuanian law enforcement authorities very often (in 40%-60% of cases) violate the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Code of Criminal Procedure, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms during arrest and investigation.

Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness

In order to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to blame innocent citizens, to fill prisons more productively, when apprehended, the role of witnesses, in most cases, is played by the police themselves, who give false testimony.

Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness

Lithuanian doctors are strictly prohibited from providing medical and obstetric care to patients who are not registered in the clinic where they work. Even when a person is in trouble and dies, or when a woman suddenly gives birth.

Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness

Soon Lithuania will be completely empty, and its landscape will resemble that of Mars, where Hollywood will shoot blockbusters at no extra cost for decorations. Hollywood actors will imagine their blockbuster heroes conquering the universe, marching happily through the ruins of Lithuania to the sounds of the German Horst Wessel’s march – a once prosperous country known for its lakes of clear and clean water, flowering emerald green meadows and fields where blue-eyed cows graze.

Lithuania – Without the Right to Happiness

The Neo-Genocide of the Lithuanian People – 50 facts

  • Food on the market – thermophilic yeast, hormones, genetically modified organisms, palm oil, additives, carcinogens
  • Reagents on the streets get into the lungs in spring.
  • Cellular Towers
  • Pharma mafia and pills that kill.
  • Synthetic drugs have flooded Lithuanian cities.
  • The decline of medicine
  • Torture at the police station
  • Propaganda and lies on television
  • Fruit and vegetables grown with nitrogen fertilizers.
  • Total corruption and theft
  • Increase in the number of migrants
  • Miserable salaries
  • landfills
  • Inappropriately high taxes
  • Poor ecology in cities
  • Destruction of culture
  • Violent spread of dogmatic religions
  • Persecution of dissidents
  • Lack of honest courts
  • Mass tobacco consumption
  • Alkoholization of Lithuanians
  • Predatory interest on loans and mortgages
  • Psychotronic Weapons
  • juvenile criminal law
  • Rising crime rates
  • Raising the retirement age
  • Artificial unemployment
  • Increasing oncology in Lithuania
  • The prisons are full of innocent people.
  • Psychiatry is full of sick people.
  • Uncontrolled deforestation
  • Dominance of foreign companies in Lithuania
  • Vaccines that destroy immunity.
  • Supporting sexual relations with promiscuity
  • abortion promotion
  • Chemtreils/Chemothetics
  • tracking scientists and inventors and developers of fuel-free energy
  • Persecution of doctors who are able to treat cancer without chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Parabens, SNS and other carcinogens in cosmetics and creams
  • plastic in water, yoghurt packs with BPA (bisphenol A) and styrene carcinogen
  • Harassment and extortion of companies of any size
  • Monitoring of Internet users
  • Hide the ancient history of the planet and the civilizations that stood before us on it.
  • Hiding Human Parapsychological Capabilities
  • Wiretapping of telephones and messengers
  • Electromagnetic and WIFI irradiation in apartments
  • village devastation
  • Capital outflow from Lithuania
  • Meaningless sports games instead of real sports
  • Low level of education
Andrzej Vilenski
Andrzej Vilenski, the Baltic Review correspondent is a PhD student at the University of Vilnius, studying policy.

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