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How to impress Estonian men?

How to impress Estonian men?

Let me start with one neighbor-friendly joke: Two Latvians are watching a man standing on the street. See, an Lithuanian is standing there, says one. No, it’s a running Estonian, says another…

Estonian men are more masculine than you can imagine and therefore you may have to shake them more than some men from warmer climates.

Men generally need someone to protect (woman, children), they want to be valued, trusted and respected. And they have to listen to how good they are, more than a woman can imagine. 

Listen! Listen! Listen! 
Praise! Praise! Praise! 
Admire! Admire! Admire! 

And if you add a beautiful smile, don’t whine and satisfy the man’s physical needs, you’re on the right track. 
If you treat a man like an angel, he will take you to the Paradise …

But what could be considered for Estonian men? 

Let me explain

How to impress Estonian men?

From the book: “How to Impress Estonians” can be read: 

They often appear stone cold and slow, which actually means balanced, modest and peaceful. Latvians and Russians often jokingly call “Estonian hot men!”. I think, that it is great if you have a man who is stable as the shore and you, like a sea, can wave as much as you want, the shore is still there and waiting calmly.

• They show no emotions – they have been taught that men don’t cry! Yes, it’s something from our childhood. You have to show a lot of compliments and get used to the punishments of silence. But if you can open this locked box by encouraging and praising it, then the Estonian man will start talking. Don’t scare him right away with your over emotional behavior, dont be loud!

• You need to make the first step – they will never do it. Feel free to approach me, and if he is interested in you, he will move. But be patient. For men, the first real steps take a long time … especially for Estonian men. It is never good idea to push them too hard. Give a time! 

• They speak less and do more. Isn’t that a wonderful feature? Enjoy because it is not fun to be drowned in words and realize that words are never followed by deeds.

• They are handy, can build the house and fix the things. You really get a man who can use his mind and hand and is not afraid of work! Show them that you are not afraid of work and that you are a good house wife. Estonian men like women who can cook, keep house clean and sew socks – just like their mothers did…

• They are practical, reliable and simple. Be practical and reliable too, be easy – prefer modest make-up and clothing style, take good care of yourself – stylish clean and ironed clothes, beautiful hairstyle and well-groomed hands … Be feminine, because Estonian women do it.

• Estonian men are gentlemen – they open doors, offer seats, help you carry heavy bags etc. Let them do it! Be a WOMAN. Have a nice smile today and feel like a queen. Don’t talk about equality!

And remember, exceptions confirm the rule.

Successful conquest of an Estonian man!

by Katrin Aedma

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