Nature Villas

Having travelled the globe in search of unique experiences and sites, the people behind Maidla Nature Resort realised that this location is perfect for something special – the simplicity of pure raw Estonian nature alongside authentic historic manor culture.

Located just 45 minutes from the capital of Estonia – Tallinn, Maidla Nature Resort offers accommodation in the luxurious Nature Villas.

The Nature Villas are secluded from anything else, built in between birch trees, where the untouched surroundings tell a story of the Estonian spirit. These modern glasshouses are specially made to merge into the wetlands and help you admire the surroundings in the best way possible.

In Maidla Nature Resort truly appreciates value Estonian culture and history, beautiful nature and architecture with the mission to put Estonia on a world map to be known as the best place where to recharge batteries and connect with nature.

Maidla helps guests take their time off in one of Nature Villas to experience comfort and peace at the same time.

In Maidla Nature Resort guests can also try different active and leisurely experiences to get to know the surroundings and learn about the traditional Estonian way of life.

The Baltic Review invite you along this journey. Come stay in Nature Villas and experience the nature as it is, history as it was and yourself as you like.

About Nature Villas

One of the aims of erecting minuscules hotels on the edge of a swamp was to create a space that would immerse guests in the wild nature of Estonia and show what great contemporary architecture and design can achieve on a small scale.

Nature Villa KASEKE is the first outcome of ambitious idea to create an exclusive nature resort with luxurious and sustainable boutique villas.

KASEKE was opened in August 2020. The indoor size of KASEKE is just 21 m2, but it has a big roof terrace which makes it special for observing the nature from above.

A year and a half later in February 2022 the second boutique Nature Villa KÄBI was opened, which will be followed in June 2022 by third one called POKU.

All the Nature Villas are meant to be used all year round having all the amenities and comfort. The Villas are very different from each other both from architecture, design and size.

Second Villa KÄBI is bigger, 38 m2 and has an outdoor jacuzzi – something that makes the experience a unique one. Electrically heated jacuzzi is always ready-to-use for the guests.

The third Nature Villa POKU will be the biggest in size – 50 m2 and has Estonians favourite element sauna in it!

To witness the creative work of architects and understand the uniqueness of Maidla Nature Villas, look for the photos or even better – book a vacation in one of those.

The Baltic Review invite you along this journey. Come stay in Nature Villa and experience the nature as it is, history as it was and yourself as you like.

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