Latvian indie band The Coco’nuts releases a funky new single and video dedicated to the lost nightlife

Latvian indie band The Coco’nuts

The Coco’nuts band has just released the first single and video “See You Dance Again” from the upcoming album. They filmed a fun music video that we’re hopefully cheer some people up during these crazy times.

See You Dance Again” music video is a reflection of the current reality of our lives—bars, clubs, and entertainment venues are closed, the streets are empty and we have to stay at home, so there is no other option left than to enjoy each moment the best we can and keep on dancing alone.

“See You Dance Again” is the first single from the The Coco’nuts upcoming album, which will be released in spring 2021

“2020 has been hard for everyone. Latvian government literally banned dancing in October, the whole world faced pandemic restrictions, we were all locked in our homes—life will never be the same again. “See You Dance Again” is a visual and audial testimony to today’s reality, and an invite to stay creative and continue to support, enjoy and consume culture, even if it means dancing alone in the middle of the street, “

says the lead singer of the band Marija Valmiera.

The video tells a story about a seemingly regular weeknight during which all six members of the group step into the role of one visually bold character who resembles a mix of a blond Hagrid, wild Dumbledore, and a character from a shampoo commercial. The lion-haired character walks through the empty streets of Riga, looking for a place to dance and meet people, but finds only empty bars and quiet streets. In the end, he ends up dancing on his own.

The video was filmed in the centre of Riga, the capital city of Latvia. A big part of the video is filmed with a specially built “SnorriCam”— a camera device attached to the person’s body, giving the image a unique vertigo effect, and a moving portrait view of each band member.

The Coco'nuts is a band from Latvia

The Coco’nuts is a band from Latvia that combines funk, blues, swing, and indie tunes in a mind-blowing musical jungle. The six band members have embarked on a common musical journey since 2012. So far, the group has performed at a number of local as well as foreign festivals and events. In November 2019, the band represented Latvia at the China-Central and Eastern European (CEE) Music Week in Chengdu, China. The band is currently working on their third studio album which will be released in Summer 2020.

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