Lithuania: Welcome to Vilnius! Public transport announcements now available in English


Commencing October 15, all important public transport announcements will now also be cmmunicated in English

During journeys on public transport tourists will be welcomed at regular intervals by the following message:

‘Dear guests, Welcome to our city! We are happy that you have chosen Vilnius public transport for getting around. We kindly remind you to activate your ticket. For more information about the public transport system and journey planner please visit our website’

‘Until the introduction of these announcements, foreign guests were not provided with information on how to use the Vilnius public transport system, as announcements were in Lithuanian only. So to make our system more user friendly and welcoming to our guests we decided to add a new English language announcement’, explains Modesta Gusarovienė, acting Director of the MESusisiekimo paslaugos.

According to Modesta Gusarovienė, most European capitals offer similar services. These English announcements will not, however, replace the existing Lithuanian language service, and stop names and other essential information will continue to be announced in Lithuanian only.

To further accommodate foreign visitors, a new symbol was introduced in public transport schedules on September 1. An airplane symbol is now visible on signs for routes 1, 2, 88 and 3G, and on timetables at public transport stops.

For more information about routes to the airport please visit, and/or use the mobile application m.Ticket, which will help you plan your trips around Vilnius.

Additionally, new easy to understand information stickers with info on public transport, types of tickets and Vilnius city trips will appear shortly.


Source: Vilnius City Municipality
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