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Who is living in real world? Putin or the west?


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It is a fact that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin moves his army near to the Ukrainian borders and already took control in Crimea. German Kanzler, Angela Merkel claimed that Putin is out of his mind and that he is living in his world. But the question should be who is real and who is dreaming.
Angela Merkel

German Kanzler Angela Merkel

The crisis in Crimea region continues to interest the leaders around the world. One of the mot active leaders in the campaign against Putin’s aggression is the German Kanzler Angela Merkel. Last week Merkel spoke with the American President Barack Obama about the situation in Crimea. “The New York Times” published that during the talks, Merkel said that Putin is out of his mind and he is living in another world. Important to note, that last Sunday, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, noticed that the Russian occupation of Crimea in the 21st century reminds 19th century. In this statement, Kerry a actually said that Putin is living in his own time and world. He is like an alien whose moves are not clear to the rest of the world.

While Putin is doing whatever he wants in Crimea, the American president and the main “peace maker” in the world, Barack Obama is dreaming about beautiful world without wars and with a global peace. He returned home his main forces from Iraq and Afghanistan and even got a Noble Prize for that. As a “leader” of the west, Obama prefer to smile and to talk and not to open new wars while even the Europeans understood and still understand that sometimes, military actions are the only reasonable answer to aggressions of other countries. He still did not do anything regarding the deadly civil war in Syria, he is allowing to North Korean to destroy any possible human rights, and now Obama is allowing to Vladimir Putin the occupation of Crimea.

Not once Putin announced that the biggest and the most terrible mistake of the modern human history is the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, the world can see that the Russian President is living the dream but he is turning his dream to reality while Obama’s dreams about world peace will stay only at the dream stage. If the world community will not wake up soon, Putin may do his next step; occupation of the former Soviet territories. Then, Ukraine will not be the single example to Russian aggression. Putin may “protect the interests of Russians” in the rest states of the region as he claimed that he is doing in southern Ukraine. NATO understands those threats. As a responsible organization for the safety of the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) that were under the Soviet Occupation till 1991, it doubled the numbers of the fighting jets in the region that will protect the airspace of the region.

Putin proves that he is living in the real world. He is acting while the west still thinks what to do and what will be the next step of the Russian or shell we say “new Soviet?” leader. What can be said in almost hundred present is that US and their allies are afraid and ready for every case. Obama even sent thousands of soldiers to the bases in eastern Poland and landed there ten fighting jets.

Despite the fact that Obama sent few army unites to the Eastern Europe, Obama has to wake up and to look around himself before it will be to late. Military activities against Russia should be considered as the last option. But the Russians have to know that they may face the armies of the west in case that Putin will continue his aggression in the region. Russia is the heavyweight boxer and the champion of Easter Europe, but even Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali lost from time to time.


Aleksejus Podpruginas
Aleksejus Podpruginas is The Baltic Review author based in Israel

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