“West cannot trust Russia”, claims Lithuania’s Foreign Affairs Minister


While the crisis between Russia and Ukraine continues to grow up, Russia will send 208 trucks of humanitarian aid supply.  Lithuanian minister of foreign affairs, Linas Linkevičius said that the west cannot trust Russia in this move that may lead to an occupation of Ukraine.

Russian Federation recently announced that it will send 280 trucks of humanitarian aid to Eastern Ukraine, to the civilians in the center of the conflict between the Ukrainian military and the pro – Russian activists. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius acknowledged that humanitarian aid is extremely important to the Ukrainian people, but the international community is the one that needs to provide the assistance and not Russia. “Citizens of Ukraine are suffering from terrorist” Linkevičius, and added that any aid that will be transferred to the citizens of Eastern Ukraine must be approved and accepted by the government in Kiev.

“Ukrainian people really require in humanitarian help. They have no electricity there, no water, the most essential consumer goods are missing. Any humanitarian aid to the country has to be in agreement with the Government of Ukraine and approved by it. Humanitarian aid to Ukraine should be an international mission, ” said Linkevičius in an interview to BNS.

Linkevičius is not a single one who is afraid of Russian “Troian Horse” in Ukraine. French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, NATO General Secretary Anders Rasmussen and senior politicians across the globe are concerned that this so called “humanitarian aid” is just a camouflage for Russian invasion depth to Ukraine.

In his interview, Linkevičius said that Lithuania lost its trust in Russia after that Moscow tried a couple of times to send weapons to the rebels in Eastern Ukraine under the guise of humanitarian aid. “We already have a bitter experience. We cannot rely on any statements that made by Russia. But, if it is really a humanitarian aid of 280 trucks and in agreement with the authorities in Ukraine and approved by them, this is of course welcome. But with Russia, you never can be sure” said the minister.

“Everyone who wants to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine, should to be approved by the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev. But if such approval is impossible, everything, every movement of Russians can be interpreted as an act of aggression by Moscow” summarized Linkevičius.

Aleksejus Podpruginas
Aleksejus Podpruginas is The Baltic Review author based in Israel

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